August 27, 2011

Prepared For the Storm

Last night, we took the children to a party at church.  Where they had a delightful time celebrating their summer reading accomplishments.  Which is kind of funny to me.  I mean all summer, every summer, there are programs to encourage children to read.  My kids love to read.  As a matter of fact, I am often taking a book out of their hands to get them to focus on one thing or another.  One time, when Kaitlin was twelve or so, she didn't do an assignment for school.  Her punishment was a week with no books except her Bible and school books.  It was torture for her.  I was reading a book earlier this summer, and the author was talking about what a blessing it was to have decided to remove television from their home.  She went on to say how all three of her children had a dramatic increase in their grades.  Her oldest daughter won an award for reading the most pages of any student in the school that year.  A whopping 10,000 pages.  So I knew my kids read a lot and I was curious about how many pages that might be.  I asked Emma to  make a list of all the books she has read since June 1st and record how many pages each book contained.  By the end of July she was already approaching 10,000 pages.  So you  might see why it is funny to us that kids have to be pushed and prodded into reading.  Just the same, we have all enjoyed taking part in our public and church libraries summer reading challenges.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, after the party, we realized the tank was empty.  Not just empty, but the light was on, which in my suburban means you are dangerously close to being stranded somewhere.  Despite it being late, and the fact we had not had dinner, and we really wanted to go straight home, we headed to the station to fill up.  When we got there we were not prepared for the long lines which filled the parking lot.  It quickly occurred to us that everyone was trying to gas up before Hurricane Irene came on shore causing gas prices to go through the roof.  As Allen was filling the tank, the boys asked why there were so many people there on a Friday night.  I explained my thoughts about people wanting to fill up before gas becomes scarce or the prices go "Sky High."  Now, Elisabeth always zeroes in on one phrase and gets so side tracked by it.  "Sky High" was the thing stuck in her radar.  She was quiet for a while and then asked, "Why will the gas go sky high?"  I answered, "Ellie, because of the hurricane."

She was quiet again for a time and then shouted, very loudly, with a smile and great relief in her voice "Mama, Pa is bigger!  He can get the tall ladder and go on the roof to get the gas."

As we made our way home, we talked about hurricanes and winds and storms and how people would be affected.  We shared with the kids our experience with a hurricane.  There was a line of about 100 tractor trailers parked with their drivers just waiting to be dispatched outside the FEMA wear house.  That was a sight to see.

We spent some time this morning putting away our lawn furniture and making sure the flashlights had batteries.  We will fill some pitchers with drinking water in case our power goes out for a week, as it did during Hurricane Isabel.  As far as storm preparations, that is about as ready as we get.

It has definitely been an interesting week here in our little town with earthquakes and hurricanes, two things we just don't see in the mid-Atlantic.  But there you have it.  Many people are frightened and worried about what will become of their homes and families.  Not that we don't try to do what we can to keep things from blowing away or plan as best we can for the needs of our kids in such disasters, but as a rule, I don't worry about things.

Because my God is bigger!  He can get the tall ladder and go on the roof to get the gas.  I have a God who can do far better than I to keep my family safe in the storm.  He has seen us through many literal and proverbial storms.  In fact, my God controls the storm.  I have seen Him do it time and again.

What's more, even if the worst storm of all time comes through and my family should perish... No matter if an earthquake should swallow us at this very minute... I am not concerned.  Because I am ready.  We are ready.  Each of us can look to a time and place when we gave our lives over to the Lord.  Put our trust in Jesus' death on the cross and accepted His gift of salvation and an eternal life in Heaven, by His side when the time comes for us to leave this earth.  We are prepared for the storm.

What about you?

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