August 13, 2011

Seventeen Minutes of Carmella Joie

My friend, Susan, came by when Carmella was 6 days old to photograph her.  The weather didn't really cooperate.  She came by another day for a second photo shoot.  You can check out her photography over at Just Photos by Susan. We weren't surprised to be delighted with the results.  Brianna put them together in a video for the family archives.  As we were previewing it tonight, we had to laugh... at just 6 weeks, our girlie has 17 minutes fully devoted to her.  Do you remember what I said about her being the most photographed of our kiddos?  If you have a few minutes to spare, grab some popcorn and maybe a hankie.  Arts Chili Pepper is glad to present...

Seventeen Minutes of Carmella


  1. Fantastic photos! You are blessed to have a friend who is such a great photographer.