August 1, 2011

Sometimes The Unplanned Makes The Best Times

Sunday morning we got a text from our friends saying it was their wedding anniversary and they wanted to do something special so they were thinking of coming for a visit.  They apologized repeatedly for the short notice and lack of planning but sometimes, the unexpected can often make the best memories... despite a long drive and bad traffic.

So, Happy Anniversary!  My readers should know something.  This precious couple doesn't live in the next town.  Or even in the next state.  They live in Connecticut.  In good conditions that is a good six hour drive.  However, there is always bad traffic around that area so it was a good 8 hour trek yesterday.  And, Nara and Leo, if you really think driving 8 hours to spend your Anniversary with us qualifies as something special... well, maybe you've been married too long!

Just kidding, friends.  We are so touched and honored that you chose to make that long drive through such horrible traffic just to visit with us.  We couldn't be more delighted.  And for those who didn't have the privileged of being here, you would be surprised how many laughs and good memories you can build into 14 hours together!

Because of the traffic, they didn't end up arriving until nearly 9:00 at night.  Nathaniel was worried they wouldn't know which house was ours in the dark, so he made this sign to post at the end of the driveway and lighted it with Pa's flashlight.

Our boys and Leo Jr. wasted no time finding their way to the play room to compare Cars 2 vehicles.
While Nara didn't waste any time meeting our newest Wachter.
Leo and Allen got down to the important business of grilling dinner, as we enjoyed cold drinks and shrimp cocktail the girls served by the pool.
Don't you love summer cooking?  So many good fresh vegetables, dinner hardly needs anything more.
After dinner, the boys were getting ready for bed when it was discovered Leo Jr. had forgotten his pajamas.  I was so proud of my boys.  As I started to tell them to get a pair of Sam's for him to borrow, they came out already carrying a pair for him.  For this Italian, it is a great moment of joy to know your kids are learning the art of hospitality.
Once the kids were settled, we couldn't quite go to bed.  We ended up standing around gabbing until after midnight.  The men, of course, had to discuss iPhones and the finer points of apps.
While the girls were making breakfast this morning, we took a stroll around the yard and through the gardens before settling in the back garden for some coffee and chit chat.
As we were walking and running our mouths, Kaitlin was following us around trying to take a picture.  Finally, thinking she might never get all of us together, she took one of us ladies.
Then one of the men. Then she subtly said,  "If you all would stop walking, maybe the dads would catch up to you and I could take a picture."  Point taken.  We backed up.  They moved forward.  And she got what she was looking for.
It looks as if the boys were more agreeable.
Samuel took a few minutes to teach Leo Jr. the finer points of sword fighting.
And all too soon, Leo Sr. had sampled grits for the first time, breakfast was over and it was time to say goodbye again.
Nara requested a photo with all us girls.  Except Winnie was in bed.  So we had to take another with her after.
And then we figured we should have one of the guys.  Elisabeth, who thinks she should be in all pictures, got in this one, too.
And our friends... ready to go. 
Except, Leo Jr. wasn't ready to go alone.  Here we overheard him trying to convince Samuel to go home with him.  It was funny to hear Sammy reasoning with him in his 1 year (almost to the day) older and and wiser self, as to why he can't go to Connecticut but how they can come again soon.
Darling friends,  any time you decide you want to do something special, send a text and hop in the car.  Our door is always open.  And next time Nara will get some grilled veggies and we'll get a bushel of crabs to go with.


  1. Looks like a good time with friends- and yummy food too! Thanks for dropping by to say hello! ;^)

  2. Loved this post, Mom! Living on the edge...we should do it more often. :)

    Love ya!

  3. Ahh... how I would love to be able to pop in the car and just come on over!! :) It's been too long. I'm actually getting my passport this month, so that's a step in the right direction I'd say. ;)