August 5, 2011

Tut Tut it Looks Like Rain!

It hasn't rained here in so long!  Even with watering daily, everything is dry and looking rather pathetic.  BUT... Wednesday was a travel day for Allen and we woke up to a dark and dreary rainy day.  It was a great time to tend to some inside business we have neglected for far too long and renew some fun activities we have put on the back burner to make room for outdoor distractions.

At the start of the day, we all wrote down what we wanted to do.  Then we voted and made a list.  Can you imagine no one voted for going to Sam's Club for groceries?

I thought it would be fun to do our chores, Bible study and other morning activities in our pajamas.

What a huge mistake that was.  Guess who showed up mid morning as I was cleaning the kitchen?  Allen's parents.  Nothing like your mother-in-law seeing the huge disaster of progress AND everyone in their pj's at 10am.  She commented that all the kids had a broom in their hands as they hugged her.  I suggested she not stand still too long or she might end up with a cleaning assignment, too.

However, I was very grateful for the baskets of produce they brought along.
 You all know how our corn was vandalized, so this bushel of silver queen was definitely a blessing.
 And with a bushel of garden ripe tomatoes sitting in my kitchen, how was I to resist putting on a pot of fresh sauce?
Elisabeth wanted to play dress up.  She brought this dress of hers (size 4T) and asked me to put it on Winnie.  As you can tell, she wasn't too excited or bothered by the endeavor.
 Oh, don't forget the hat!  Ellie shouted, as she plopped this on her sister's head.
 Then it was time for hide and seek.   Samuel was the big winner... last to be found by Kaitlin while hiding in the laundry hamper.
 We contacted a few friends we've not seen in a while and sent a couple of texts to those out of state.

 And then puzzle races.  Brianna/Aedan/Samuel team won twice.
 Of course, everyone took turns throughout the day holding Winnie.
 We wrote a few thank you notes and a few letters to loved ones far away.
 And  made home made bagels for lunch.  This is a long time rainy day tradition for our family.  Delicious!
 We worked on a new arrangement for a song we've been wanting to learn.
The girls practiced a few duets they've been putting together.
 We all admired the cuteness of Carmella sticking her tongue out.  I am sure there is no correlation to the fact that she did this while we were singing.
 The only thing Kaitlin wanted to do was load some CD's on her iPod.  We didn't make that a group activity.
 Samuel and the boys wanted to listen to Jonathan Park for a while.  What a surprise there, eh?
 Pa, we even made ice cubes.  I know it is hard to believe.  We really did empty AND fill the trays, though.
 When it started really pouring down, the boys could not resist any longer.  They had to run out in the puddles and splash a bit.  Samuel couldn't find his slicker, which is why he is wearing Emma's purple one.
 Brianna practiced catching the rain on camera.
 Certainly, there was some blogging time.
 But not for me.  I had to tackle a sewing project we have put off way too long.
 We were thrilled to hear Pa was going to be home at 6:00, early for a travel day.  We went into high gear, cleaned up the mess from our play time and pulled together a dinner with some fish and the fresh produce from Pappy and Granny.
    After finishing a book we've been reading for some time, we decided it was a well rounded day of fun and productivity.

How do you like to spend your rainy days?

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  1. Oh, Carmella is so cute! And we wouldn't reprimand a baby when she stick out her tongue, of course. It's just their way of making cute faces. :)

    What a neat way to spend a rainy day! It is rainy where we live today, so I need to think of some productive activities, other than reading and blogging all day. Not that reading isn't productive.