July 31, 2011

Yoga for Pregnancy

I have never been into yoga.  Too much new age business for my liking. However, at the beginning of this pregnancy, Brianna tracked down this video with Ann Richmond.  I instantly fell in love with it!  Actually, the whole family became intrigued with yoga.  The girls and I started practicing together every day.  The boys frequently asked if they could join us.  Allen even did it once.  Okay, he skipped the kegels section.

This DVD contains 6 practice sessions.  One for each trimester.  One focusing on morning sickness, another for back pain, and the last with exercises for the sleep impaired.

I found all 6 sessions helpful at different times during my pregnancy but the one I was most grateful for was the session to help with sleep issues.  Sleeping was such a problem for me this entire pregnancy and I found I truly fell asleep quicker and slept deeper and longer if I practiced my yoga before I retired for the night.

Not convinced to give it a whirl?  How about this?  Last summer I injured my leg playing with the kids.  I didn't tend to it as I should have.  When this January rolled around, I still had an extremely limited range of motion in that right leg.  After just two weeks of yoga with Anne Richmond, I had regained full range with no discomfort at all.

I enjoyed my twice daily yoga sessions so much, we ordered her Post Natal video "Yoga for Mama and Baby."

Not expecting and don't plan on expecting?  Don't let that deter you.  I think these workouts are fabulous for anyone who wants a gentler approach to Yoga or someone who is new to exercise and would like to start off light.  I would also recommend this for anyone who suffers back pain or chronic illness that makes more strenuous exercise impossible.

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