September 17, 2011

116 Great Things About Vacation

Our family keeps a vacation book.  In here we make to do lists, grocery lists, lists of books to get from the library, lists of things we want to do, job assignments, packing lists, menus, travel plans and journal memories of our time away.  It is always fun looking back at previous years.

Last week, when I pulled out the notebook, we found the list we made last year on our last day of vacation.  We relived some awesome memories as I read the list aloud.

116 Great Things About Vacation

1.  together time... all the time
2.  Marine Science Center
3.  Emma's Birthday Party
4.  Skippo
5.  Puzzles
6.  Boat Ride with the Solomons
7.  Pink Princess Potty (who do you think came up with that one?)
8.  Dolphin tour
9.  beach
10.  playing in the ocean
11.  touch tank at the science center
12.  catching crabs
13.  gourmet meals
14.  sand castles
15.  thrift shop
16.  burying people in the sand
17.  my suitcase (Ellie)
18.  building a baracudda model
19.  Worship at Chapel By the Sea
20.  Eggs Benedict
21.  Sunday Night Church Dates
22.  Watching Dolphins on the beach
23.  Digging pits on the beach
24.  Watching movies on rainy days
25.  Drive to Georgia
26.  Opening Windows when we cross the bridge to smell the ocean
27.  seaside sweets
28.  Walking on the beach
29.  sunrise stroll on the beach
30.  when mom and pa went on a date
31.  Kk babysitting the kids when Pa and Mama took Nana on a date
32.  cherry limeade at Sonic
33.  Sam and Mama playing cars
34.  Nana's birthday date
35.  fishing with Mama
36.  Nap-time (Pa)
37.  Than's treasure hunt
38.  Emma birthday date
39.  Catching cannon ball jelly fish in the marsh
40.  playing princess in the tower
41.  nap-time... (girls) reading and eating
42.  dish night
43.  not puzzle races
44.  tracing to make a coloring book
45.  snack time
46.  manicures
47.  cuddling in bed with Mama (Sam)
48.  Hiking Ft. Pulaski
49.  Reading Bible on the deck
50.  Walking to church
51.  Building Disney World in the Sand
52.  Pirate Park
53.  The Zebulun
54.  Sleeping on the cot
55. Camping in the living room
56.  fresh seafood
57.  low country boil
58.  chasing the crab around the kitchen
59.  Mexacali
60.  Mama's frozen coffees
61.  the Solomon's
62.  dessert with the O'connors
63.  Shopping for Emma's Birthday gifts
64.  throwing  balloons
65.  Wednesday coffee and Bible study and prayer meeting at the Chapel
66.  Clams in the Marsh
67.  God Abouts
68.  Putt-Putt
69.  Collecting sea shells
70.  Really bright full moon
71.  Miss Vickie
72.  Tropical Storm
73.  Pa and Ellie and Sam running in the waves
74.  Boogie board
75. Chalulas hot sauce
76. Checking tides in the morning
77.  Reading Boxcar children
78.  Ellie's princess doll
79.  pinwheels
80.  looking for the nickel
81.  Mrs. Jean McCordle
82.  Dr. Stephen Lee
83.  Seaside Sisters
84.  Baths after the beach in the jet tub
85.  Sea creatures in the bathtub
86.  butter
87.  sour cream
88. lunch on the pier
89.  The Breakfast Club
90.  Fried green tomato BLT's
91.  Reading
92.  Jet baths after dinner... with lots of bubbles
93.  balloon in the marsh
94.  chess
95.  play dough
96.  coloring
97.  football
98.  post cards
99.  sleep over in the girls' room
100.  Ellie waking Nana up in the morning
101.  walking to the beach
102.  holding hands
103.  fiddler crabs
104.  hermit crabs
105.  Bob's burial and un-burial at sea
106. sleeping in
107.  craft night
108.  audio books in the car
109.  McDonald's gift cards from Pa
110.  orange Julius for happy hour
111.  rearranging things
112.  IGA
113.  reading magazines
114.  photos on the beach
115.  sand ledge
116.  Lord's supper and the sermon of the 4-cups

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