September 20, 2011

Any one for a bath?

Sunday the boys had a successful time crabbing. They came up from the dock just as it was time to settle down to join our home church, via live streaming, for our evening Bible study. By the time we had heard the prayer requests and service back in Maryland was wrapping up, we had just enough time to get to the evening study at the Chapel down here. We had a bucket full of crabs and no time to cook them. After church, Allen and I went to dinner with the Pastor and some friends. When we got home, the girls were watching a video and this is how I found the boys... And the crabs. (Laura, does this fall into that category of things we probably don't want people to know?)


  1. Oh LOL- I don't even know what to say (ha ha)!

  2. too cute.
    a few years back Daddy and the 2 older kids went fishing. They came home with one, and put it in the tub to 'swim'. It was more fun watching the fish in the tub than actually fishing. For the kids. Mom had to scrub the tub afterwards :)

  3. AWESOME! That is toooo funny! Kat, I think we can say that falls right up there near the top of that list! lol

    Your church has live streaming? That's really cool! That is great that you can still feel connected to your home church, even while you're away!

    Blessings, Wachters.......ENJOY YOUR CRABS!!!