September 6, 2011

the buckeye

This is the story of how a sandwich is born.

Who knows my hubby adores sandwiches?  Show of hands, if you please.

And who knows how much he loves to panini things?

And did you also know how much he and the children love to invent new sandwiches?

Many a guest has been privileged to see this gang in action whipping up some sandwiches and sharing the wonders of a panini maker.

As I was preparing for Aunt Dawn's visit, I asked her what she would like to eat.  She emphatically requested some of Allen's sandwiches.  Then she said, she would like him to invent a new sandwich for her.  And then she threw down the gauntlet and commissioned a dessert sandwich.  Well, hello!  If there is something we love more than food, it is a good challenge.

With the clock ticking we set about the business.

When creating a sandwich, our family starts with the name and then works our way to the actual product.  It took about five minutes to decide to call this one the Buckeye, in honor of Aunt Dawn, who happens to be from the Buckeye State.  That's Ohio, for those of you not in the know.

With that settled it was much easier to get started on the ingredients.  When talking buckeyes one thinks of two things:  the nuts and the candy.  Being a dessert sandwich, we went straight for one of our favorite Christmas treats, the chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  Yum!

Thus we knew this invention must contain peanut butter
... and Chocolate.

But what kind of bread?  We wanted a sweeter bread and considered lots of possibilities including Challah and raisin bread before we settled on King's Hawaiian bread.
As for assembly...
 1.  Spread with peanut butter
 2.  Sprinkle with Chocolate Chips
 3.  Spread with butter
 4.  Place in panini maker
 5.  Voila... oozing chocolate and peanut butter goodness.
 And it was good... but not good enough.  so we went back to the drawing board.  The bread was changed to raisin bread.  We felt that it needed a little crunch and a little something salty.  Pretzel squares was the answer.
But there was still a little something missing.  So the Buckeye ala mode was created.  And just in case... we added a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a sprinkle of toffee bits.

Aunt Dawn did a taste test.  It passed with her seal of approval.  Just in case, everyone else ate one.  They liked it, too.

And so... Voila!  A sandwich is born.  


  1. This looks so good!! Yummy!!! We don't have a panini maker I think that should change in our home:)

  2. OH MY WORD...those look SOOOOO good. A perfect mixture of almost every thing I like...topped with ice cream! Could it get any better?

  3. Mmm, you don't know how good that looks! The Wachters certainly are a creative bunch. :)

    Hope y'all are having a good day,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. OH MY "GOOD"NESS!!!! I so have to make one now.....THANKS! :> )

  5. Oh my goodness. What a sandwich!! That looks so yummy. Have you ever tried vanilla ice cream on waffles? If not, you must! It's divine all by itself. Let me know what you think.