September 22, 2011

Cherry Limeade

We so can not stand the food at Sonic, but one of the things we love about visiting the South on vacation is cherry limeades for happy hour.


  1. I love sonic! But not really for their food... more because it's a different experience :) Driving up and pushing the button... getting interesting drinks... I've heard about that cherry limeade, and heard their pumpkin pie shake is really good too!

  2. Guess what? My Horse, yep I said my HORSE Tennessee lol LOOOOOVE Sonic cherry limeades

  3. Where I was from as a teenager, Sonic was a pretty popular place. We always got a Suicide Slush (a mix of all the flavors together, not sure what the name had to do with it) and pickle-os (hamburger dill slices; battered and deep-fried - yum!!). Anyway, I don't get that anymore, but we love happy hour too!