September 2, 2011

Faith and Fame Books

After a dormant period, our church is trying to get our library up and going again.  The librarians have been working hard to get everyone interested in reading the great stuff stored away on the shelves in the basement.  One of the ways they did this was with a Summer reading challenge.  As I've mentioned before, our entire family LOVES to read.  We read all the time.  We have not checked a lot out of the church library in recent years but this summer our boys wanted to be part of this challenge.  They love a competition of any sort.

One Sunday in June, Nathaniel brought home a book from the Faith and Fame Series.  These books, published in the 1960's and early 1970's are short biographies of famous Christians.  Each one is just 10 chapters or so... perfect for a family read aloud or for young readers.

In our family they filled both bills.  It started like this.  Nathaniel brought home the book Saint in the Slums:  Kagawa of Japan.  He read the first chapter and was so excited by it, he told us all about it at dinner.  We were all so hooked, we ended up reading it aloud.

Next came Horseman of the King:  The Story of John Wesley which Aedan loved.  Then we all loved it as we read it aloud by the pool one afternoon.  We then worked our way through the stories of John Paton, John Newton and Gladys Aylward.

I can not recommend these enough.  Nathaniel was really struggling with reading but these books caught his attention and got him into reading so much that he will read about two in a Sunday afternoon's quiet time.  Not bad.

We all learned so much about these people, some of whom we had never heard of before.  They are available on Amazon and eBay for just a few dollars each... and they might even be on your church's library shelf.  

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  1. Hey, Kat~

    Thank you so much for your review. Kiddo does NOT like to read. I have a hard time with this since I am an avid reader, but it's ok....he takes after his day in that department.

    I think I will look these up and see if I can locate them. I think we may do a read aloud as well!