September 21, 2011

Forgiveness is a Choice by Andrea

~What is the greatest challenge you've had to face?

There have been many challenges in my life, but the greatest challenge by far was on the evening of April 14th, 1989. Standing in a dark hallway in Spartanburg Regional Medical Center I was told my baby sister, Dayna had died as a result of massive head and chest injuries (car wreck). Within minutes, I was chosen to go into the room with the young man responsible for Dayna's death. He was alone and obviously upset.

Full of emotions, I agreed to go. As the curtain was pulled back by the RN, he began crying out, "I killed her.....I killed her."

My mouth opened and out stumbled, "I forgive you!...but that's not what's important. You need God's forgiveness, not mine! You need to ask God to forgive you!"

~How did you see the Lord in this struggle:

GOD is "all" over this struggle. Left to my own devices, I am not a good person. I wanted to kill this young man, not forgive him. If God had not placed me in this position and if God had not opened my mouth and spoke those words through me, I would have likely never forgiven this young man. I would have spent my life full of bitterness and anger.

Yes, GOD gave me a choice on April 14th, 1989. I could have said, "NO," but THANK GOD, I chose to obey Him. In my frail obedience, HE was faithful to give me just enough strength for each moment that evening and HE has never failed me, neither before or after that day.

~How did GOD give me victory during that trial?

Victory abounds daily as I choose to forgive those who may intentionally or unintentionally hurt me. After forgiving the person responsible for my sister's death it is easy to forgive all other offenses and leave it all in GOD's hands.

~Life Lesson:

Don't ever forget: Forgiveness is a choice! Your spiritual freedom hinges on that one single choice. Do NOT choose bondage, choose freedom in CHRIST!

By His mercy and in the grip of His grace,
Andrea Bowling Perdue

Hi, my name is Andrea Bowling Perdue. I am a crazy, animal loving, child of GOD! Each day, I find myself crawling, stumbling and falling into the arms of my Heavenly Father. I have two blogs:

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  1. The Father God taught me forgiveness in 1992.. I was dying in my hate.. When I cried out to HIM to help me live, HIS only response was "forgive her" I did...... and through that my life was restored........ Hate will kill you...... Forgiveness brings life........ Great Post

  2. True forgiveness comes through love...the two are intricately entwined. Our hurts and anger are part of our human make-up and design. They always challenge love...but in the end, Love always prevails. One of the greatest joys is to be able to love others who think differently to ourselves. This is true forgiveness.
    Thank you for sharing such a difficult time.
    With love

  3. Hi my friend, What a wonderful post;I too have learned that when we can't forgive but cry out to Him who can, His forgiveness can flow through us and give us freedom and true forgiveness. I know the Lord has and will use you mightilly for His glory. Thank you for sharing from your heart today.

  4. Andrea,

    Thank you for this beautiful story of forgiveness, as the Lord commands us to do. We have all been wronged one way or the other in this life and I have seen many times where people have turned to a life of bitterness because of their unwillingness to forgive... and often something much smaller and less important than the life of a beloved sister. My family, all lost with the exception of one brother, suffer many heartaches from abuse, to infidelity, alcoholism and just about any sin you can name. I have watched one person after another give themselves over to sad and destroyed lives because of bitterness. It breaks my heart to watch helplessly when I know they could have victory if they would merely make the choice to forgive.

    Hugs to you dear Andrea.