September 23, 2011


So I was sitting on the beach today watching Allen ride the board when all of a sudden he wiped out... Which never happens. It happens to me all the time, but never to Pa.

When he came up I first noticed that his St. Louis Rams hat was gone. Brianna and I were bummed for him because that was the one late Pastor gave to him. I stayed with the baby while Brianna went to help look... Not that we thought it would be found but You have to at least make the pretense, right?

As I watched her make her way down the beach, I noticed he had let go of the rip cord and his board was about to wash away. Brianna got it just in time.

That is when I realized we had much bigger problems because he wasn't wearing his glasses. Brianna called everyone into the ocean and they all started digging around aimlessly. As if there was any hope of finding them. But still we searched, because we are Wachters and even if it is pointless, we do what we can to help each other. Ellie cried because she knows Pa is almost blind without his glasses. When we resigned ourselves to the situation, we started to laugh. Because what else are you going to do?

Then we started to work on a plan. First, we called our friends back home, who are house sitting, and asked them to overnight his spare pair. Except it's Friday so they would not arrive until Monday and that is a lot of stumbling around in the meantime.

Plan B. We called our doctor's office back home. After a good laugh with Rhonda, Dr. K's right hand gal... She's had lot of eyeglass emergencies with our family... We had an rx faxed to a one hour place. Allen and I drove to the city and a few hours later, with the help of our new friend, Denise, from Ohio, we returned to vacationing with the disaster diverted.

And a new lesson learned: remove glasses before entering the ocean.

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