October 3, 2011

48 Reasons to Go Home After Vacation

Last year, on the final day of vacation, we were all sad about going home.  We decided to make a list to remind us about the things we love that were waiting for us back in Maryland.  Since we will be traveling home today, I thought it would be fun to post it here on my blog.

I hope you all took time to read the guest posts written by some of my readers and authors of blogs I like to visit.  I know that I was touched and often moved to tears as I read each of these articles.  If you haven't checked them out yet, please do and let these beautiful ladies know how much you appreciate them sharing so much of their hearts here in the wide open.

Looking forward to seeing you all real soon.



1.  Fall clothes
2.  leaf piles
3.  fair ribbons
4.  sleeping in our own beds
5.  pirate festival
6.  Emma's birthday
7.  Winter coming soon, snow!
8.  Thanksgiving
9.  plans for Disney trip
10.  See our animals
11.  Good water
12.  Good cookware
13.  dining table
14.  cabinets and wardrobe arriving for basement
15.  mail
16.  email
17.  blog
18.  FBI
19.  South Mountain Creamery
20.  CSE 101
21.  Football Sundays
22.  playing in the tower
23.  Chick-fil-A
24.  Pastor Laughner's sermons on CD
25.  VBC
26.  Miss Lorene
27.  Suzanna
28.  Ella
29.  California Tortilla
30.  A well laid kitchen
31.  Hemps
32.  Good produce
33.  pool
34.  KK birthday
35.  Bonfires and the chimnea
36.  swings
37.  yard
38.  tractor rides
39.  pumpkin picking
40. Kend Hovind classes
41.  school
42.  Gussie's tree
43.  Apple picking
44. Aunt Dawn might visit
45.  Hot soup
46.  mulled cider
47.  crock pot dinners
48.  wood stove

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