October 29, 2011

All Mixed Up

Just last night, as we were eating dinner, I was thinking about all the things I love in Autumn and how this is the best place in the world to be part of the season.  The past few years we have strung lights through our fall garland hanging in our kitchen window.  Then we cut out leaves and write on them things we are thankful for.  We put our Thankful Garland up just this week and added the leaves yesterday.
And not a minute too soon.  Because this is what we saw as the sun came up this morning.
Winnie's first snow fall.  
I am not going to say it never snows here this time of year, but the last time I remember it I was 9 years old.  What's amusing is that we had no idea this storm was coming and just last night we were telling the kids about that storm.

With Cantata practice the kids have already had Christmas music playing since we returned from vacation.  Ellie asked if we could set up the Christmas tree.  To her Christmas and snow are one in the same.
My mind has been very conflicted as I am planning for our trip to Florida next week.

And since we don't return until a few days before Thanksgiving, ordering turkey and planning menus for the Thanksgiving weekend.

And since we just start school in October, feeling like I should be thinking of the first day of school and baked apples and all that jazz.

Add snow to the mix and now I think my head might explode... but in a good way!

It is not often we see snow on the mums.
Or as Aedan pointed out, we have our first snow fall before a frost.  Just yesterday afternoon, we picked the last of our garden and pulled up the veggie plants.
Snow on the violas is a breathtaking sight, don't you think?
Only yesterday afternoon, we took Carmella outside to take some pictures of her in the autumn leaves.  And not a minute too soon.  Because now they are covered with ice and snow.
Yes, our seasons have been mixed up all year.  In May it was in the freezing temperatures one weekend and over 100 the next weekend.

Something I like to do each fall is go to the farm and get a bunch of pumpkins to roast and freeze for the coming year.  But pumpkin picking has become very commercial.  Last year it cost over $50.  Allen said we wouldn't go this year.  But just yesterday he was at our local market and saw them on clearance for just $1.99 each.  Last night at dinner he announced he would be taking the family to each get a pumpkin after breakfast on Saturday.  Brianna said she was going to tell her friends from down south this is a Yankee's visit to the pumpkin patch.  Ha!  So after the kids got out their snow boots, off they went.  And just in time.
Because it isn't often you get your pumpkins and build a snow man on the same Saturday.


  1. Saw that the east coast was getting a blanket of pretty white stuff today. :-) What great pictures to share with the white against a background of autumn colors. Enjoy ALL your pumpkins.

  2. Oh my. I was talking to my family today up there. Still can't believe you all got snow already.
    My sister is SOO ready to come down here to visit.
    She said between the snow & rain.. she's ready for some sun..

    Enjoy it though.. I know it's so beautiful!!

  3. I copied your leaf garland idea this morning. :) We cut out leaves and the children wrote things they were thankful for on them and then we hung them in our front window.