October 20, 2011

Carmella Time

I know, I know.  Mom's post is a week late, again.  But maybe after you see this adorable little face you will forget all about it.
With so many people and a darling who is awake six hours or less a day, there never seems to be enough Carmella time to go around.
I don't believe it is any coincidence that we have had a big increase in the number of friends dropping by for a visit since Winnie's birth.
We don't exactly live on the beaten path, so to speak.
  We know who they are really coming to see.  
Holding Winnie is an instant cure for a bad day. 
We don't take it personally that even little Zoey would rather hang out with Carmella.
I am glad I nurse her so I get to hold her at least four times a day.  
During school days, we each take turns playing and reading with our girl and that ensures everyone develops their own special relationship with the princess.
 Ellie and Sam like to play cars and "Pa and Mama" with her.  (That's what we used to call playing house.)
 She adores reading and doesn't seem to care if it is Goodnight Moon or a text book.
 Cuddling time is still everyone's favorite way to spend their quality minutes with our little bundle of joy.
I like to take a little break for a few minutes of one on one with her before afternoon nap time    
She is always so full of amazing faces.
It is no wonder there is always someone waiting in line for their turn.

Until next week,


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  1. Your baby Winnie is toooooo adorable! :) It makes me wish that I had another baby sister. (mine's almost ten, sniff sniff). ;) Beautiful pictures!!! :D