October 8, 2011

Frozen Coffee

My hubby said I should post something because I haven't done a real post in a while.  And I see he is right. But this isn't going to be it.  I have exactly five minutes before I need to zoom off and get the baby up from her nap.  However, that is just enough time to post this recipe Allen requested I put up for a colleague at work.

I love coffee.  Bet you didn't know that?  ☺  On warmer days I like to drink iced coffee.  On very warm days, like this summer, I like to make a frozen coffee in the afternoon.  Even the girls, who aren't coffee drinkers, are hooked on these drinks now.

I start by brewing strong coffee and chilling it.  I like mine very strong so you may have to adjust to your liking.  For every cup of water I use 2 Tablespoons of coffee.  So if I fill the carafe to 8 cups, I use 16 Tablespoons of ground coffee.  I always keep some of this in a pitcher in the fridge for these drinks or iced coffee.

In the blender put 1 cup of this chilled coffee.

Add half and half or milk to the lightness you prefer.

Then 1 Tablespoon of instant coffee.  (If you find it is too strong just leave this out.)

Next, goes in 5 Tablespoons of chocolate syrup.  I use Nesquik because it is free of High Fructose Corn Syrup.  If you have the time you could make a batch of your own with cocoa powder and keep it in the fridge.

Next, goes in the ice.  Add about 8 cubes and then more as needed to the thickness you prefer.  Blend up until smooth.  Pour and top with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate.  (Yes, I know this photo is sideways... Blogger is doing one of those weird things where it keeps flipping the photo.  You get the idea, though.)

We have come to prefer this drink to Starbuck's Frappucinos.  Of course, with autumn here and cold weather just around the corner we have turned to warm coffee in the French press and Brianna's new specialty, Pumpkin Lattes.  Do you have any special coffee creations you would like to share with me?

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  1. ...and it's been too long since I have stopped by with a comment, and what a perfect post to do so on! Looks delicious, and much cheaper then a drink at Starbucks.