October 3, 2011

Its not too late!

To vote Art's Chili Pepper one of the top 25 large family blogs. Voting ends today at 5:00 pm pst so if you are blessed by what you see here you can bless us by clicking the button on my sidebar and popping over to circle of moms to cast your vote.

While I have your attention, I want to thank circle of moms for the nomination. It truly was an honor to be in the running. When I started this blog for my sister, three years ago now, I remember being so excited to have just one follower who was not my family. Thank you, Heather Kay. Each comment is truly a blessing and usually a source of discussion at our table. Writing and my family and most of all my God are so special to me, the opportunity to share all three with others brings so much joy to my little life.

And when I think of the great real life friends we have made through blog world, I can not help but praise God for His abundant blessings.

Also thanks to my campaign managers, Kaitlin and Brianna who posted and texted and made promises they don't intend to keep, in order to get votes. But most of all thanks to my good hubby who has been my friend and cheerleader for so long that he understands sometimes blogging HAS to come before making dinner. Plus, he gives me good stuff to write about.

In other news... Today is the day... The super saddest day of the year, when we bid our friends goodbye for another year and head back to reality. On the bright side, tomorrow school commences and I will be coming to you live from my flamingo pink laptop instead of this annoying I-phone keypad.

I am so grateful to all the ladies who wrote posts during my absence. Each one gave from their hearts, some sharing things they have not shared before. It is not always easy to lay your heart on the line like they did. I was touched as I read each post and I pray, if you have not read them, you will find time to do so and let them know you appreciate them.

The thermometer reads 43 degrees. ETA 5:00 EST.

I will leave you with a picture of the sunrise as we got underway this morning. Now don't forget to vote.

Until next time,


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  1. How beautiful! I love sunrises. :)

    I've been voting every day!