October 31, 2011

Pink Sparkly Shoes

When we returned from vacation and Elisabeth needed shoes warmer than her sandals or flip flops, we discovered one of her Stride Rite Mary Janes was missing.  We have managed to keep her shod the last month in her old shoes that are a size too small.  All the while searching high and low for those $60 shoes, but they have not turned up.  With the weather getting colder every day, I decided I had better break down and buy her another pair.

Things have been so hectic lately, I thought Ellie could use some Mama time so we decided to make a date out of it.  I was thinking as soon as I invest in a new pair and take the tag off, we will find her good ones, so we didn't head to Stride Rite this time, but Target instead.

Once we were there, the trial started.  It is a challenge to find a decent pair of shoes suitable for everyday and church that fit her feet.  The shoe section had been well picked over already.

But for Ellie... Oh, her little eyes instantly fell on a pair of sparkly pink shoes.  "Mama, look at those!"
 I commented on how they were indeed both pink and sparkly while explaining that we needed shoes that would match her church dresses.

As we persevered I found a nice pair of black Mary Janes which fit the bill.  I showed them to princess and said, "Try these ones on for Mama."

The sweet reply came with a smile, "I think the pink sparkly ones will fit, Mama."

Then I found the most adorable pair of pink boots.  I showed them to Elisabeth and said, "Look how pretty these pink boots are."

And she didn't whine or complain at all, she just stated, "The pink sparkly ones are very pretty, Mama."

And that is how we went shopping for one pair of shoes and came home with three.

After all there is only a little window of opportunity when life can be sweeter just because you are kicking your heels up in pink sparkly shoes.


  1. She sounds so sweet :o) I would have loved all of those shoes when I was little!

  2. Sparkle shoes are the best! :) So cute!