October 28, 2011


I am glad my mother and grandmothers taught me there is no such thing as an unexpected guest.
Through the influence of these three women I learned our homes should always be in some reasonable state acceptable for company.  And company should always be willing to accept less than perfection if they drop by without calling first.  And no matter how little we have, we always have enough to share with those the Lord brings to our table.
No matter what the situation, we try to always give our guests a warm welcome and a hot meal as if we have been planning for their visit our entire lives.  And because of this, we are often blessed by last minute visits from loved ones near or far.

This post is so late in coming, but here it is anyway.  We all know my motto, right?  Better late than never!
Over Labor Day weekend, when my kitchen was torn apart, we had a phone call just before 5 pm that Friday evening.  Our friends from South Carolina were on their way to our house and would be here in about 15 minutes.  We haven't seen them in two years, so we were delighted to hear this news.

Except, I had no idea what I was feeding my family for dinner and now I needed food for five more.  But we managed some baked beans and burgers on the grill and had a happy visit.

In the absence of our extended family, the Lord has always blessed us with Godly Christian friends who have been Uncles, Aunties, cousins, Grandpas and Grandmas to our children.

We met Terry and Katrina about 14 years ago.  They have been such precious friends to us.  Originally from South Carolina,  life has brought them to Maryland then to California and eventually back to Virginia.
 Gracie and Emma Rose were born just a few months apart and have been like sisters ever since.
Terry's folks, Jimmy and Veena, adopted our family many years ago and became Grandpa and Grandma Jackson.  We enjoy visiting with them at their home and when they get up north.
 After dinner, we went to Rita's for dessert, compliments of Grandpa Jackson.
I love that the kids include Carmella in whatever they are doing.  Can you see her in line there in her car seat while they all eat their ice cream?
Veena and Elisabeth shared a few minutes of girl talk.
And Katrina and I spent a few minutes catching up.  Even though we live only a few minutes away from each other, their family travels a great deal each summer so we don't often see each other.  I am looking at this picture and seeing that we have the same color shirt on.  That was not planned.
Terry made sure he got his chance to hold Winnie.  
And we all made good memories to last a life time...  even with no food in the fridge and my house in pieces.  Next time you don't expect company and there is a knock at your door just before supper, toss some more bread in the basket and open up for happy times.



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