November 6, 2011

Another Rainy Day at Epcot

Sunday we logged into our home church via live streaming.  I love that we can still be part of our worship service even when we can't be there with our family.  Technology has some positive points.  Thanks for a great message, Pastor Jonathan.  We had a guess that maybe it would be part 2 from last week's service.  ☺

Lisa over at Homeschool Days... I thought of you the whole time.  It was exactly what we were discussing before I left home.
The little guys got very excited studying the local critters.
They decided he was a slug and were getting ready to salt him, that's what we do to the pests in my vegetable garden, but I stopped them just in time.
And then we went to Epcot, where the Food and Wine Festival is still going on.  This seems to get longer each year.  It starts when we are usually down here, early to mid September and now continues through the middle of November.  If you like to eat and try things from different places, this is the time to come to Epcot.
We had some fun with Winnie at the Mexico pavilion.  She did not think it was quite so amusing as we did.
As you can see, it rained.  Which is something, because every time we bring the kids to Epcot, it rains.  The weather did not forecast rain for Sunday but the kids said it would rain anyway, because we were going there.  And sure enough, just as we passed the entrance, it started to drizzle, which turned into a very wet afternoon.
We escaped to Spaceship Earth until the rain let up. 
The kids always like to stop and taste the Coke from around the world.  This is funny because we do not drink soda at all.  Plus, if you ask me, they all taste rather nasty.  Maybe they think it will taste better than it did last time?  Don't know.  But they like it.
Elisabeth loved Nemo.  So we went around twice.
The children enjoy the aquarium.  They have come to understand and appreciate sea life from our long stays each fall on the beach.
 I am looking at this picture thinking I can not believe how much Nathaniel has grown up this last year!
We happened through at feeding time, which is a fun time to be around.  The divers and sharks were of particular interest.
When Allen and I came back from getting the buggies we saw this.  I thought it was a cute sight... like a bunch of Humpty Dumpty's waiting on the wall.
This green house in the Land pavilion always inspires me to increase my effort in my square foot garden.
While Allen and I took a break to feed and diaper Carmella and give a snack to Ellie, the other kids put on some fun hats and joined the marching band.
Partners for the day.
Little guy and his little big partner.
The kids spent some time exploring at Innoventions.
We ended the day with Kaitlin's birthday cake.  Something made out of chocolate mousse from the Cheesecake Factory.  It was good, even if we don't know what it was.
That sure is a lot of candles.  Kind of scary to think of what mine will look like come February!
So much fun and excitement.  Elisabeth and Charlotte didn't even make it to bed before they were out.  I don't think Pa minded too much since he got him a cuddle with his girl and her pig.

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