November 13, 2011

Christmas Around the World

I am still working on vacation pictures.  You might wonder how I could have so many but then many people wonder how I could have so many kids.  ☺  Not only do I take a lot but there are 8 other people taking a bunch, too.  I have never actually blogged about vacation because by the time I get home I have so much catching up to do that I don't get around to it.  Brianna and I made a pact that we would blog this vacation. So I am going to press on.

As I mentioned before, Ellie toured Epcot by checking out the hats.  Allen eats his way around.  I enjoyed seeing what I came to Disney World for, the Christmas decorations from around the world.

This enormous tree was in the Colonial America village.

The Epcot tree is covered with huge balls and flags to represent the countries in World Showcase. 
This pretty little tree can be found in the England pavilion.
Where else would you find this fabulous bling tree but France?
This one comes from a restaurant in Italy.
From a store in Germany

I can't seem to find my other camera card from this trip, so for now I can only show you the ones I uploaded before we left Florida.  However, as I was looking through these, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of system Disney uses to keep track of all these ornaments and trees and the swags and what not.  Can you imagine that wear house?  I mean our Christmas decorations are a job to handle and pack up and keep organized.  Can you fathom keeping track of four parks and then the different themes for each park?  Wow!  That would be such a fun job!  Maybe when I retire I will have to apply for the Christmas decorating job at Disney World.  As long as I don't have to be the one to take all the lights off of those trees, that is.


  1. Kat,

    Love how you incorporated what each of you were interested in on your vacation to Disney World. I love how your's was Christmas from Around the World and the storage dilemma for all the different themed trees, we can definitely see logic behind it all.

    Can't wait to see even more!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Ooh, pretty. Being the romantic girl that I am, my favorite in the French one. :) What can I say? I'm such a sparkle junkie.

    Upload the rest soon - I always love seeing your pictures. :)