November 11, 2011


I think parents who tell me their kids are always bored, perhaps haven't given their kids a chance to explore their creativity.  Now trust me, my kids did not get their creativity from me, but they sure have plenty of it.

Friday and Saturday were designated as home days since crowds were predicted to be heavy.  I went to put my makeup on and came back to find the kids hard at work.  Samuel was sorting confetti from Kaitlin's birthday by color and design.  
 Kaitlin and Emma were weeding through an enormous pile of travel brochures.
 Which really came in handy for Briaana's project... making Christmas decorations out of Disney World guide maps and brochures.
Meanwhile, Sam and Ellie found a glue stick, some scrap paper scissors and a box of crayons and spent the morning making a school book foe Elisabeth.
Before too long Brianna had everyone in on the fun and our tree was quickly transformed.
Emma used her travel sewing kit to string a bag of microwave popcorn and craisins leftover from salad.
Kaitlin cut up some of those travel brochures to make a paper garland.
All the kids helped to make snowflakes
And, of course, Brianna's Moravian stars
We found a Hypericom bush and cut some berries to tuck in for color.
In lieu of a star... and voila!
With the Christmas music still playing,
and hot cocoa in hand,
...we retired to the pool for the afternoon.  Which is quite something in November for those of us from cooler climates.
Not to be left out of the fun, Winnie wowed everyone with her new trick... grasping a spoon in each hand.


  1. I LoVE the Christmas tree! How creative!!!

  2. You really do have some creative kiddos! That Christmas tree is so cute. We were supposed to be relaxing at Disney for Christmas this year but I think our plans may have to change (boo hoo)!

    Swimming in November, that is too awesome. I want to go swimming in November!!!