November 13, 2011

Hats Around Epcot

Those who have been to Epcot World Showcase, know there are lots of ways to tour the various countries represented there.  some  Each time we go, we seem to find a new way to enjoy it.  Our little fashionista made her way around the world trying on hats.  She started in Norway with some viking garb.
And on to China
Good old US of A
And just for fun
Canada, eh?
Well, because you just have to!
The boys in on the fun
Yes, this will scar her for life.
Not exactly head wear, but this was as close as Japan came.
Ellie doing her Italian grandma impersonation in Italy
We couldn't decide which we liked best in Mexico.  The little Winnie sized one
...or the Pa sized one.
My little fellows liked these ones, though.
No matter which one you like best, we got it all covered in the World Showcase.


  1. Had to get over to some of my favorite blogs, and wish you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. How cute! What a great way to remember an Epcot trip! Love it.. and less fattening than eating your way around.

    She is so adorable too!

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