November 13, 2011

It Didn't Rain

Sunday morning I found Elisabeth like this. While everyone went about their devotions and chores she took it upon herself to help with the work.  Ellie informed me she had taken all the clean clothes out of the dryer, "...because they were done.  Don't worry I sorted it."  She said.  "That pile (on the floor by door) is clean.  And this pile (pointing to the pile to right of the door) I am putting in the dryer because they are dirty."  Oh, I love this little girl!  So what if she is drying the dirty clothes.  I gather her confusion came from the fact that we have a front loading washing machine at home which also happens to the right side of the dryer. 
After we joined our home church for worship, via livestreaming, we made our way to Epcot for the afternoon.  Where we had a little home school lesson on growing and harvesting cranberries.
And Kaitlin and Samuel stopped for a picture in Germany. 
And Carmella took up sucking her thumb.
And Brianna and Nathaniel took a rest in Italy.
Pa had a little mustard with his bratwurst in Germany.
Emma and Aedan checked out the bathhouse in Morroco.
And someone took our picture.
Allen and Kaitlin clowing around in France.
And the girls...
...had a little fun...
... in England.
Later we made our way to Future World where we visited a few attractions and had some homeschool lessons on scientific creationism.
And Winnie said, "Oh, no!  Not, again."
And we introduced...
...Elisabeth to her first root beer float.
At 9:00, Carmella decided staying up past her bedtime was worth it...
... in order to see Illuminations.
She is going to so love Christmas.  Look at how her beautiful face lit up when her buggy pulled up next to the enormous tree.
And we marked our first day at Epcot when it didn't rain.

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