November 5, 2011

Kaitlin's Magical Birthday

We packed the streamers....
... and remembered the balloons...
But we forgot the tape.  So we had to get creative...
...decorating for Kaitlin's birthday.
We worked it out, though.

Allen was curious why he had such a nutritious breakfast on vacation.  Whole wheat bagels, hummus and grape juice.
Then it was off to Hollywood Studios for the day.
The weather was so nice.  Not hot.  Not cold.  
Very light crowds.  Just the day to be in Disney World.
The kids got a real kick out of the Disney toys on display.
And a picture of Susan's costume.
Just because she looks lovely.
That's my gang alright.
We use the partner system whenever we are away from home.  Everyone has the help they need and no one gets lost or forgotten.  Emma and Nathaniel paired up for Saturday.  We rotate from day to day so everyone has one on one with each other.
My buddy and I cover the little girls.
I made a new friend.  Are you ready for this Aunt Dawn?  Her name is Dawn and her home is Ohio.  Not kidding you here.
Kaitlin chose Mama Melrose's for her birthday lunch.
Where we had a good meal, a little dessert and some laughs.
One of the highlights of the day for our little men was seeing Lightening and Mater...
... with the stunt show ranking right up there.
We all were eager to see the Christmas decorations.
Brianna was the only one who wanted to ride the Tower of Terror.  But we are Wachters and we do things together.  Emma toughed it out and Brianna was grateful for her loyalty.
At sunset we took in my very favorite Disney show, Fantasmic.  
While we were waiting for the show to start, the kids learned how to do the wave while commenting on how silly the things we did as teenagers are.
The Christmas decorations are beautiful.  We have always talked about coming in November instead of in September when we typically do, just so we could see the decorations.
Someone mentioned krispy Kreme on the way home.  After such an enormous lunch no one wanted dinner so we pulled out the birthday candles and ended Kaitlin's magical birthday on a sweet note.
Happy Birthday to our number one princess!


  1. Aw, say happy birthday to Kaitlin for me!

    Much love,

  2. Looks like you had a great first day!!
    We were just down there celebrating my friends birthday on Sunday!
    Have a great time. Hope we can meet up!

  3. Happy Birthday Kaitlin! What a great place to celebrate at!