November 12, 2011

Lazy Day

After such a fun doing nothing Friday, one might wonder what we would find to do on Saturday.  But somehow the day came full of good times and before we knew it we were tucking kids into bed saying what a special day it was.

Over morning coffee I played a million games of tic-tac-toe with the boys.  They are getting too good at it... I only won one game.
 Ellie came and asked for a bucket of water because she said the baseboards were filthy and needed to be washed.  She was right and she did.  I don't mind telling you I adore having someone besides me sees something that needs cleaning and does it.
 We went to do some Christmas shopping.  Nana and the girls.
 Afterwards, Pa and I had a little date with the big boys over some Starbucks.
 Than took this picture of Allen and I.  I thought he did a good job.
 Then we found a pet store to buy some crickets for the Lizard Samuel caught.
While we were waiting in the car for Allen and Sammy I flipped through the radio until I found a station that was playing Christmas music.
 We spent the afternoon putting together puzzles... one of our favorite vacation down time activities.
 We never drink soda but when we saw this old fashioned bottles at Target like we used to get when we were kids Allen and I couldn't resist.  They may look like the old thing but they are made with high fructose corn syrup and didn't taste nearly as yummy as we remember.  The kids loved it, though.  We talked about how it was more special because it is not something they have everyday.
 The boys set the table and cooked dinner for the girls.  Which consisted of Cars soup and Cars Mac and Cheese.
 Because Allen and I were going out for a date night.... which started with this beautiful bouquet of roses.  All these years and he still makes me feel like his young bride.
And just for fun, a picture of this oh so delicious crab and shrimp and avocado appetizer with mango salsa.
Yes, a restful and satisfying day indeed.


  1. Oh my goodness that appetizer looks delicious!

  2. Looks like you're having a great time. The picture of you and your sweetie is awesome!

    I can't imagine buying crickets! We had so many in our yard this year!

    We don't drink soda either - it is a special treat for our kiddos, too.

    The bouquet is lovely. How sweet!

  3. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me!!!

    How great that you have a little helper around the house. She's too cute washing down those baseboards.

    Beautiful flowers, it's so awesome when they do sweet things like that!!!!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.