November 10, 2011

Let the Memories Begin

After her time with Rapunzel, Ellie was feeling so comfortable with the royalty that she decided to stop in for a visit with some other princess friends on Thursday.
I watched the other kids in line who fussed the whole time they were waiting while their parents yelled at them.  When it was their turn they would stop fighting and whining long enough to have a photo taken and then they moved on to whatever was next.
 But not my Ellie.  She settled in for some chit chat with the girls.  Conversation varied but usually included hair, shoes, dresses and bling.
She invited Cinderella and Belle to join her and Rapunzel's tea party.  Which they accepted.  She also told Cinderella she saw her in the parade and did she get the kiss she blew to her?

When she met Aurora, Ellie told her that she had a necklace just like hers in the dress up basket at home.  Then Aurora asked if she would like to come to a tea party sometime with her friends Princess Cinderella and Belle.  To which Elisabeth said, "Yeah."  As if there could be any question of the certainty of it.
I love that, for Ellie, it is not enough to meet the Princesses but that she counts her brothers and sisters so important that she wants her princess friends to meet them.  And, after being raised  by three sisters, and countless hours of tea parties and dress up games, the boys were ready to rise to the occasion.
 We even had to bring Winnie in for an audience with Sleeping Beauty.  Which she was not so keen about since it was her lunchtime.
 With introductions out of the way, we made our way to Tomorrowland for a spin on one of our favorite attractions... Buzz Lightyear... in which I mostly beat everyone.  Except once when KK won.
 Pa said it was because he was holding Carmella.  Likely excuse, eh?
 We took a little rest to see what is happening with the expansion of Fantasyland.
 And a tour of the haunted mansion...where Ellie kept asking over and over, "But why doesn't anyone live in this house?"
 Christmas is just around the corner, in case you didn't know it.
It becomes more evident every day with more and more decorations appearing at the parks.  Like this beautiful sled in Liberty Square.

And this display in the Candy Cane Garden
And the innumerable poinsettias everywhere.
And yet everyone's favorite attraction is still Carmella.
When we happened upon Snow White, she even asked to hold Winnie.  Which our littlest princess seemed to enjoy.
 Snow White sent her away with a little souvenir of their time together.
On days when we want to watch the evening parades, shows or fireworks, we like to go home for lunch and some rest time.  And after such an exciting and adventurous morning, that is just what we did.


  1. *sobs* Your family is so blessed!!! I want to go back to Disney so bad!!! I live in FL, so I probably go more than the average person, but's the Happiest Place On Earth! How can I NOT want to go? ;)

    Ellie is such an adorable sweetheart. <3 My cousin, sister and I spent our time with the Princesses last time we were in Magic Kingdom.....Belle and I talked books/writing! ;) It was so great. <3

    God bless you all, tons of Love!!!

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. Love all these, but I'm afraid that the cutest has to be Snow White's lip print on the baby!

  3. I love the lip kiss:) One year we will get Disney. So sweet, i looks like you all had a great time.

  4. Wow! I don't know what else to say. What special memories you are creating! I love your pictures. :)

  5. such sweet memories!
    love you lots!