November 5, 2011

My Day With Rapunzel

I think life is so much more fun when seen through the eyes of our little ones.  I feel so blessed to be able to experience my journey with the children God has given us.  Our first day at Disney World would not have been nearly as exciting without little Rapunzel by my side.
For example, this wouldn't have held any interest for me, 
or I would have completely missed it altogether, if not for the Ellie holding my hand.
And then there was our chance meeting with, Molly the other Rapunzel from the kingdom of New York.
And the amazement over, not 3D glasses, but pink ones.
I'm starting to see my girl and Miss Piggy have a lot in common.
And I wouldn't have traded this moment for anything in the world.  While the rest of the family experienced the tower of terror (insert shudder here) I had Cocoa with the Princess Rapunzel.
And the only thing that could make my favorite show, Fantasmic, any better was watching Elisabeth's expression when she saw a Princess come floating by, live and in person for the very first time. 

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