November 8, 2011

A Sick Day

Monday night Sammy came down with a fever.  Tuesday, we decided to stay home for the day.  Not to worry, though!  There was lots of fun to be had.  A few competitive games of  Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders to start the day.
Before breakfast they had a dip in the pool.
Sipping some coffee in a Starbucks Christmas cup while watching the kids splash in the pool is a little confusing for me... and yet two of my favorite things melded together into a joyous moment.
Carmella smiled and giggled as she sat and listened to the frivolity around her.  She looked so happy and we decided it was the return of the sounds of summer.  For a gal born on a  106 degree day in July, snow in October was quite a  shock.  The look in her eyes seemed to say, "It's okay Pa.  We made it through winter.  All two weeks of it."
When I said it was time for the Princess to nap,  all the girls lined up for kisses and to have their photo taken.
She was trying to stress the importance of getting her beauty rest.
And said she would return for another meet and greet at 12:30.
But you know how those fans can be!
It is not often we eat breakfast by the pool in November.
Ellie came down with a fever, too.  She always gets sick when we travel.  Fortunately, it didn't stick around long.  Nor did it dampen their fun.  Ellie joined in the swimming and read the Target Christmas ad.
She climbed on our bed and read Bible to Carmella.
And the girls had a snuggle.
Then I got a cuddle while we watched Enchanted.  Super cute video if you haven't seen it.
They were worn out.  At 6:00 Sam asked to be tucked in bed.  Ellie assumed it must be bedtime and went down, too.  They came out later when the kids got a wild game of Mille Bornes going.
Pa decided being surrounded by Christmas at the parks, we needed a little Christmas at home. On one of his grocery runs to Target he brought home this little sweetie and that is how Ellie and Emma came to fall asleep to Christmas lights at Disney World.

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