November 9, 2011

Storybook Magic

Until further notice, this blog will be about the Wachter's vacation... but mostly, about Ellie's first trip to Disney World.  Well, technically, not her first trip, but the first one she will remember, since she was just 9 months old last time we were here.  

We started off last Wednesday with a special surprise for Elisabeth.  We all set our alarms for 6:45 so we could be at the Magic Kingdom when the park opened.  So we wouldn't have to wait in line very long.  Because, I refuse to wait in line for hours to ride any ride, see any show or meet any character.  Sorry, folks.  I am not one of those parents who will sacrifice anything for the temporal happiness of their children.  

However, I will stand in line for a few minutes and read email and chit chat with folks from New Jersey who are also waiting in line.
 And play with Elisabeth and her Princess doll for a wee little bit.
 For the delight of seeing her precious smile...
 ... when she catches a glimpse of someone she really finds fascinating.
 Now do you know who it is?
 When it was her turn, Elisabeth took off with a running hug for Rapunzel.
 And then she said, "I saw you in the movie."  

And the Princess asked "What is your name?" 

And Ellie said, "Rapunzel."

And then the "real" Rapunzel asked, "But what is your real name?"

To which my girl replied, "Oh, Elisabeth.  But they also call me Google."  

Which made Rapunzel laugh and turn to me. 

 And all I could say was, "It's a very long story."
 And then they talked about Ellie's doll who happens to look just like them.  "She even has golden hair like me,"  Ellie pointed out.
 "And your hair is getting so long," Rapunzel said.  Well, this made Ellie so happy!  So she explained, "Mama can put flowers in my braid just like you."
 Then they had some discussion about tiaras.  Ellie told the royalty that she likes to call hers a crown, because you know tiara is hard to say sometimes.
 She also asked Rapunzel to sign her picture.
 And invited her to, "Come to our house for a tea party and to meet the kids."  
 That's when Rapunzel asked, "Do you mean your brothers and sisters?"  And Elisabeth took her to meet the gang.
And then they had to pose for a picture.  The Princess.  The Little Princess.  And the Princess doll.
We have met many Disney characters over the years.  But I have never met one so sweet and so charming as this one.  I do not like the Rapunzel movie at all.  But I may now forever be endeared to this character.  She took such an interest in Elisabeth and made her feel so special.  You would never have known there were 85 other people in line behind us waiting for their turn.  Allen and I agreed those minutes were worth all the expense and trouble of a Disney vacation.  If I hadn't told Elisabeth that it was time to let others visit the Princess, I think they would have chatted all day.

Before we parted they had to have one more hug.  And then some discussion about shoes.  Because what girl meeting is complete without sharing your latest shoe find?
And that's when I realized Elisabeth was right that one should never leave home without her pink sparkly shoes.

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  1. This is a precious post! What a cute encounter! I love all of Ellie's faces as she talks to Rapunzel...she was clearly loving it all!