November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Ideally, I would have liked to put this post up before we got started on our Christmas posts, but with a final and Allen away, and a bunch of sick people around, we do what we can, when we can.

We just love Thanksgiving.  It has got to be my favorite holiday... or at least tied with Christmas.

I love all of us in the kitchen cooking together.  Teaching the kids how to prepare our favorite recipes.  Aedan made Aunt Helen's Holiday Mashed Potatoes last year and requested to make them again this year.  He really gave her a run for her money.  
I love the decorations.  Brianna decided to make these name cards she found in Martha Stewart Living.  Wednesday night she roped the girls and Aunt Dawn into helping her with the project.  Aren't they adorable?
I love the centerpieces... like this one with Azalea cuttings.
I love pulling out the linens, china, crystal and silver to set a beautiful table.
Oh, and the gravy.  I love the mushroom gravy.  I don't love that it takes an hour of stirring to make it, but it is so worth it.  Especially, when everyone takes a turn stirring.
I love the company.  The family, the friends, the noise of merry making.
I love neighbors dropping by for dessert and a little baby fix.
I love that Katherine, who happens to be an elementary school teacher, got us all making turkey crafts.
I love that she said mine looked great, even if it looked nothing like a turkey.
I love never knowing which friends will join us for dinner and meeting the new people they bring with them.
I love the late night leftover turkey-dressing-gravy-cranberry sauce sandwiches on rye bread... whether you are still stuffed from dinner or not.
In case I forgot to mention it, I love the food, family and friends that make this Thankful Day something extra to be thankful for.

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  1. Loved seeing and hearing all about your Thanksgiving! You gravy looks delicious! I love anything mushroom. :-) Very pretty table too!