November 4, 2011


When we take a road trip, we always leave bright and early.  Actually we leave so early, it is before the bright ever arrives.

Which means waking up sleeping kids.
But it has always worked out well for us.  We get them up and move them to the car and they sleep for the first four or five hours
Allen puts on an audio book and gets around the DC beltway before rush hour. 
When the sun comes up we do our family Bible reading and private devotions.
And then we are ready for a stop to gas the car, use the restroom and pick up breakfast.  
No one is allowed to tarry.  By 9 am we have more than 300 miles behind us.
We have never stopped at South of the Border, but the kids love the billboards and watch for them.  Seeing this tacky landmark is always an encouraging sign of our progress.
We always have 4 or 5 hours before stops.  Everyone is ready for the break to stretch their legs, though.
And of course, lunch!
After lunch, there is time for some "Car Schooling"
We made very good time on Friday and checked into our rental home by 7 pm.  Elisabeth was so excited to at last be in Disney World.  As we unloaded luggage, she ran from room to room as if she were searching for something.  Then she said, "Where are the princesses?"

She adores Rapunzel and is looking forward to meeting her.  We surprised her with a Rapunzel costume to wear.  She was tickled to find it in her suitcase and modeled it for us right away.
And just to spread the joy around, Pa found some Toy Story PJ's to hide away in the boys' suitcases.  Yes, they were excited, too.
Pa and I get a little less excited about heading out for groceries.
But with the pantry stocked, our gang was ready to kick back and let the fun begin.

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