December 11, 2011

Come As A Child

The Cantata last Sunday night was truly blessed by the Lord.

After a really scary rehearsal on Saturday morning, Allen said he didn't think prayer was enough and maybe we should fast.  With all sorts of sickness going through the cast and choir, we truly were bathing the whole experience in prayer.  A few days before, I could barely speak.  We notified the director that I may not be able to do it and did he want to line up a back up.  That night, I was told, at the weekly prayer meeting, the church brought the whole affair to the Lord.  Would you know, the next day it was almost as if I had never been sick.

We were amazed at the turn out, too.  No one knows exactly how many we had, but we do know there were at least 225 in attendance.  From my experience that is the largest turn out I ever remember.  And everyone gave rave reviews over the children's work and the dinner following.

The girls made lots of delicious desserts to follow the meal.  I am all over these chocolate and peppermint covered marshmallows.
 And look how adorable these reindeer cookies came out.  You can't get the best shot, but those are pumpkin whoopie pies in the background.  Oh, so delicious!
We were so busy, our family didn't really have time to eat so when we got home we made some popcorn and flopped down in the living room.  The kids must have been exhausted.  Three of them fell asleep right where they were sitting.

We were so busy, I didn't get even one photograph.  The young people in our Cyberlight group put together a video.  I hope you all enjoy it and are as blessed as we were by the whole event.

Thanks to our hard working directors and choir director for once again bringing this fabulous Christmas tradition to our church.

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