November 14, 2011

Delighted at Epcot

Still working on recording memories from our trip to Disney World. Our last day at Epcot was a sheer delight.

When we took him to Disney World in 2008 Samuel told us his favorite thing in all of Disney was Test Track.  The funny thing is he was too short and he was never allowed to ride it.  He was delighted to at last buckle up and take a spin.
We were all delighted to watch Carmella as she discovered the delights of sucking her thumb.  It hasn't left her mouth since.
I was delighted to see my girls having fun together.
One of our favorite things in Epcot are the street performers.  The kids were all delighted with the story of King Arthur in the United Kingdom.  I expect this will be added to their repertoire very shortly.  And we will be delighted to be in the audience.
Nathaniel was delighted to play with the Mime in Italy for a time.
And we were all delighted to watch shy Emma dance around with the Macaroni Sisters.
Than was delighted to check out his favorite spot in Germany, the model trains.  I remember taking him to see those trains when he first went to Disney World.  He was  not yet two years old.
Samuel and Elisabeth were delighted to play in the model cars in the Test Track showroom.
And Elisabeth was absolutely delighted when she discovered....
the side walk that lights up when you step on it.
After a long day of delightful discovery, Winnie was delighted to go home for a snuggle with Elisabeth and Charlotte.


  1. I've heard Epcot is a seriously amazing place!
    A sidewalk that lights up would delight me too.
    Glad you all had so much fun!

  2. YES!! Test track is probably my favorite ride there too!! Hey, it's just cool.. Glad you all got to go. =)