December 6, 2011

Five Months

Winnie is now officially five months old.  Her personality has really come alive in the last few weeks.  We love to hear her laugh and giggle, which she does almost all the time she is awake.  She also chit chats and is really taken with studying the world around her.  Sunday morning I put her down for a nap and heard her going on about something.
 A quick peep into her nursery and I discovered she had flipped herself over and was talking to the butterfly mobile Elisabeth hung in there when she was born.
 She spent all of her morning and afternoon naptime on Sunday talking to the butterflies.
And then Sunday afternoon Carmella was playing on Brianna's bed while we were dressing for church.  We all had to chuckle when we looked in to see her laying there studying (and then drooling on) Brianna's magazine.
It looks as though we have another Martha Stewart Living fan in training.
Can't believe she has already been with us for five fabulous months.  Can't believe there was ever a time she wasn't here with us.  Thank you Jesus for this amazing blessing we call our Carmella.


  1. She's just so are truly blessed...

  2. Aww... she is so adorable!! My little sister who will be 6 months old on the 14th (can't believe it!) is starting to do that a lot, too. :)


  3. Children are a beautiful gift from God!

    She is so precious!


  4. So sweet... she looks so cute talking to the butterflies :o)