November 15, 2011

I Need the Hug, Too

After 10 days at Disney World, you might wonder what could still cause such a look of amazement and wonder.
It really is breathtaking, isn't it?
It used to be guests could go up to the castle forefront any time you pleased and walking through the castle was standard Disney fare.  But now there are many shows going on there throughout the day so it is not often you can actually go inside the castle.  Ellie kept asking what was in the castle and could we go inside and we kept saying, it isn't opened today.

But one morning, we were walking down Main Street USA when Allen stopped, turned to me and said,


While I was trying to figure out if my head was on backwards, he took off at a much faster pace than Allen typically moves and ordered everyone to follow him.
Into the castle.  What a time of wonder it was for Elisabeth.  I had forgotten how splendid and intricate the mosaic murals telling the story of Cinderella really are.
Next stop, was Pixie Dust.  The ladies who work in the boutique at Fantasy Land will give any gal a little shimmer if you just ask.  And what better way could there be to start a day of magic in the Magic Kingdom than with a little bling?

We visited this Scottish cast member on more than one occasion.  Ellie has a little wand and will walk around the house waving it over your head and repeating the words:

"It takes a little faith, a little trust, and just a bit of Pixie Dust to make all your dreams come true."
Katrina, this is the dress I told you about in the Princess boutique.
Everywhere we went Elisabeth would make friends with other little girls.  She would just be standing in line and say, "There is a girl my age."  Then she would proceed to approach the princess in question and say, "I'm Elisabeth.  What's your name?"  Then she would continue to have an entire conversation with the child, her parents and any other companions who happened to be in hearing range.

One of the most hilarious things is the way she would crouch down to talk to the little girls.  You know how sometimes you bend down closer to a child to talk to them so you are at the same height?  Well, that's what she did... even if the child was the same height as her.  As Elisabeth bent down to talk to this little girl, she too bent down.  So there they both stood for twenty minutes, all bent over carrying on a conversation about Disney World, how to dress like a princess and eating with Cinderella.
Five trips to Disney introducing 6 other kids to the magic for the first time and I have always managed to avoid standing in line to ride Dumbo's flying Elephants.  But not this time.  All it took was for Elisabeth to say, "Can we ride the elephant? (No, she has never seen Dumbo) "  And all the kids were asking if we could wait in line so Ellie could ride Dumbo.  It was the longest wait we had the whole time.  Despite being surrounded by whiny kids and grumpy parents, it was such a pleasure to do something that brought my kids joy, simply because it brought a smile to their little sister's face.
And that is how I ended up waiting in line forever to spend two minutes flying through the air in a brightly painted elephant.
It was fun to catch a glimpse over the fence of the renovations taking place in Toon Town.
This is an odd one.  A photo of all of us together.  I can't remember right off hand but this may be the only one the whole trip.
While we were eating lunch that day, Elisabeth looked at her Pa and said, "Pa, thank you for taking me to Disney World."  Well, as if that didn't melt my heart enough, she looked at him and said,
"Pa, I need the hug, too."
And just so this post is not completely about Elisabeth, here is a photo I love of my KK and the big boys on the Small World ride.

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  1. Oh, what beautiful memories you will all have to forever fill your hearts!

    Elisabeth is so PRECIOUS. . . just like her momma!