December 8, 2011

The Muppets

We did it!  Last week we took a date for Christmas Shopping.  But first, we went to see the new Muppets movie.  This made our teenagers crazy.  They have grown up loving The Muppets and were tickled when they heard a new movie would be in theaters.  And truth be known, I felt a bit guilty going without them.  After all, we are the ones who got them hooked.  But Amazon sent us a coupon to get one ticket free.  Tickets are normally $11.50 at our local theater.  So what were we to do?

I grew up watching The Muppets Show every Saturday night at 7:30.  Waldorf and Stadler were a household name and anyone who was anyone was no one until they were a guest star on The Muppet Show.  This movie did not disappoint.  It had all the fun and charm of the original Jim Henson production.  

Allen and I laughed out loud for 90 minutes.  We tapped our feet as Jason Segel and Amy Adams broke out in song and dance on the streets of Hollywood.  We cheered as Walter made his debut in the Muppet theater.  And when Kermit and Miss Piggy reunited and sang The Rainbow Connection, I almost cried.  

Oh, and the popcorn was great, too.  

It's been a long time since I have seen a movie that was this much fun.  It was a great way to start off an evening of Christmas shopping.  If you see only one movie this season, go see The Muppets.  Then tell  me how much you loved it.


  1. I loved this movie! We saw it over the Thanksgiving weekend . . . it was great. :) So glad y'all enjoyed it!

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. We saw this movie as well - love it! We have been singing the songs faithfully ever since. :)

    much love,

  3. I saw The Muppets opening weekend....shortly after Thanksgiving. <3 It was AMAZING. I DID cry....multiple times. My best friend/cousin and I grew up on the Muppet Show, watching reruns on our much as to the point where we can recite entire episodes! Seeing the Muppets back in action really brought us to tears...and it brought us closer as friends. I think we held hands and were crying together through the whole thing. She's like my sister, and it was wonderful to share our mutual love of the Muppets with her! :)

    Great post Mrs. Kat....I love yours and Nana's blogs! ;) <3

    Jedi~Chick <3

  4. Haha awesome!!! I haven't seen it yet, but my 19, yes 19, year old brother went and saw it and loved it as well. lol