December 20, 2011


At the risk of sounding like a broken record can I say, "I hate to shop!"  And in this busy day and age, who has time to go to five stores to find what you are looking for?  Not me for sure.  If I do have extra time (who am I kidding?) I have a million better ways to spend it... like cuddling up with a few kids and a good book.  Still there are times when the whole ordeal is unavoidable.  And for that, there is Amazon Prime.

I have found their prices can compete with all the big box stores, I can shop in my pajamas, and with free two day shipping for members,  why not?  I get everything from clothes, books and batteries to coffee, wipes, diapers and syrup.  There are boxes on our doorstep a few days a week.

Yes, we are on a first name basis with our UPS man.  We have even recently had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful wife and sweet children.   I must admit, I do wonder if this soft spoken fellow is ever intimidated by all our kids charging for his truck when he comes around the corner.  And I bet he looks forward to the lighter workload in September and October when we are traveling.  It's okay, Jodie, we don't take it personally.  Especially, since you need the time to rest up before the Christmas shopping season begins.

With nine people shopping throughout the month of December, it is not uncommon to get five or more packages a day.  Which is always exciting, right boys?  The only catch is sometimes we run into a sticky situation because we don't always know which box can be opened by who without ruining a gift.

Take the other day, for example.  Seven boxes.  Now I know what I ordered for Allen and the kids.  He knows what he has ordered for me.  But no one knows what is in which box.  So we pinch and shake and try to guess which are safe to open.
We finally got this shipment down to two unidentified boxes, which I suspected were Allen's gifts.
But you never know until you just open the box.   It is a bit like trying to deactivate a time bomb.
And in the end.... it was just a gift for my girlfriend....
and the Hanukkah candles.
Oh, I know, we could change the name on the shipping label.  That would make it a lot easier.  But truth be known, I  love that super fast one-click button too much.  So all our boxes are addressed to Allen R. Wachter.  Besides, this way is just so much fun.

My witty husband did create a new shipping label.  It reads like this, "Allen R. -not for Kat- Wachter."  Except he forgot to apply it to some packages.   So we keep playing the shake-rattle-and-roll.

When we are really wanting to keep a secret, we just have it delivered to our neighbors house.  Did you get that girlies?  No sense in looking because your gifts are at an undisclosed location and guarded by attack dogs.

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  1. Oh so fun!! That's how it has been where my mom and I work lately! It's so much fun though!!

    -Many Smiles!!

  2. Oh, what FUN! I did all my shopping on-line one year and I do have to agree with's is WONDERFUL! Point, click, DELIVERY! lol

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, precious one!