December 1, 2011


Samuel adopted this little guy and loves to carry him around and snuggle with him from time to time. He calls him peppermint because when he first arrived at Wachter World he smelled like peppermint. After several washings, he has lost his scent but the name stuck. Peppermint was intended to be a dog toy and has one of those squeaky thingies in his tummy.

Two weeks ago he stopped squeaking.  I didn't think this was such a big deal.  But Sam did.  He asked me to fix the squeaker.  I was instantly stumped.  But not my girls.  I was blessed by the compassion they showed toward their brother.  They kissed him goodnight and took the fuzzy yellow guy away promising to do all they could to make him as good as new.
Now, I must admit, I was a little worried when they took out a steak knife.   But they explained they thought they could get a clean cut along the seam that way.  They quickly retrieved the squeaker and fixed it.  But a few squeaks later and it again stopped making noise.

I listened as they deliberated a few minutes before they struck brilliance.  Sure enough, right there for less than five dollars was a beautiful set of 4.  (Two day free delivery for Prime members... just in case you have a need).  They felt seeing his friend cut open for a few days might be a bit traumatic so he was bandaged and returned to Sam.
The physicians explained, he would need a transplant and they expected the new organ to arrive within two days.  Then they promised he would be good as new.

Sure enough, they put in the new squeaker and stitched him up and no one is the wiser.  But a little brother is  blessed to know that there are three sisters who love him enough to take time and effort to invest in the things that important to him, even if they seem like not such a big deal to the rest of us.  Those kind of heart strings are one of the most valuable investments we can make in our families.
And that makes for one priceless chew toy.

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  1. Awww, I think Peppermint is adorable, but your 3 girls... beautiful inside and out.

    It's great to be here again, my friend, and to have heard from you yesterday on my blog. I hope that I can visit here a whole lot more in the coming days. I love blogging, but sometimes I just don't have the time. And when I don't blog for awhile, I miss writing and visiting my favorite blogs.

    See ya tomorrow or the next time you post. :-)