December 13, 2011

Ready Or Not Ellie's Four!

This week our little Princess turned four!  It seems yesterday, she was only Winnie's size.  But the calendar doesn't lie.  Most certainly, we started the day with pink balloons.
Samuel was so excited for her to see the bracelet and necklace he designed, that he didn't even wait for her to get out of bed before she had to open the package.
 Ellie wanted to dress up as Rapunzel for the day.  Our gift to her were these flowers I found in the Wedding section at Michael's so she could have flowers in her braids like her favorite princess.
 Samuel dressed up as Flynn.  The dragon on his shoulder is Pascal, in case you didn't know.
 Emma's nickname for Ellie is Coco Chanel, because she is so fashionable.  Emma found her a tiny bottle of Chanel No. 5.
 When we asked what she wanted to do for her birthday the Google girl said she wanted to go to Chuckee Cheese
 And Chick-fil-A
 And Target
So she could get Winnie a Rapunzel costume.  (The smallest this comes in is a 4T but that didn't deter Ellie from her mission of dressing Carmella up to match.  The kids were calling the baby Pascal after that because apparently there is a part in the movie when Rapunzel dresses Pascal up in her dress and it is huge.)
 For dinner, Elisabeth requested cheese fries.  I threw in the broccoli so the day wouldn't be completely void of nutrition.
And for dessert
 there was cake, of course...
 and pink tarts.
 What Wachter birthday would be complete without blessings and praises?  

The kids noted Elisabeth's willingness to share, cheerfulness and the way she tries to put others before herself.  We also praised her for the joy and passion she brings to life.  We are blessed by her love for her siblings and the way she desires to look out for them, especially Winnie girl.  Her honesty (she always says things just as they are) passion for life, and adoration for her Pa (may she transfer that to her Father in Heaven) bring honor to our family and home.  
Happy Birthday, Elisabeth!  Many Happy Returns of the day.


  1. Aww, happy birthday Ellie dear!
    She. Is. So. Cute!! I couldn't help but laughing when I saw all these precious pictures. :)


  2. Dear Ellie,

    You convinced me. I have been reading about your love for Rapunzel for the last several weeks and just knew that if you loved a movie that much I just had to see it. So last week I watched Tangled and Rapunzel is now my new favorite princess! Thanks for convincing me :)