December 5, 2011

Search For the Christ Child, Jonathan Sperry, A Holiday Party and the Christmas Cantata

Friday night our church library hosted a movie night.  They showed the Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.  I had heard of this movie but never seen it.  I wasn't feeling well,  and several kids were still under the weather so I was tempted not to go.  But after a very productive week and Pa still away we decided to attend.  I was glad we went.  It was a great movie with a good message and a few laughs along the way.  The kids also loved the cider, doughnuts and popcorn.
And Pa happened to get home just as the movie ended and we were heading to our car.

Saturday, a local church was hosting their long standing Christmas program, Search For the Christ Child.  I happened to see a flyer in Starbucks, so we decided to pop in and check it out.  Wow!  It was a fabulous program.  The youth group recreated the story of the nativity, death and resurrection with a progressive walking program throughout their church and school building.  

Among tables decorated with candles as instrumental Christmas music played quietly in the background, groups waited for their turn in the church basement.  

There were tons of crafts stations set up for children of all ages.  Everything was centered on Christ, and with Christmas being so commercialized, I liked that.  My kids had a blast doing these.  And even though we were there for quite some time, they still didn't run out of activities.
 There were also refreshments, door prizes, some tables with fair trade goods for sale and lots of people to chit chat with.

As a matter of fact, Allen was laughing when I met up with him after a while.  Kaitlin had been holding Carmella when a lady approached and asked her if she was a member of the church that was hosting the event.  She said no.  Then the lady explained that she was in charge of a nursing home ministry and was speaking on Christmas morning.  Old people love babies she said and she was hoping Kaitlin would consent for them to borrow her baby for a visual.  After Kaitlin explained that Carmella was her little sister she suggested that the lady see her Pa.

Lest you think she was joking.  She wasn't.  She was completely serious and did approach Allen.  She said she knew it was a long shot but she thought she would ask.  We laughed at this one a long time. Eventually, I asked Allen what he said to her.  He explained that we were kind of partial to our kids and that we would like her to be with us when we go to worship on Christmas morning.  Ha, how do you like that one.  I thought I had really heard it all but that was a new one to even me.
The program itself was fabulous.  They did such a good job of recreating various scenes, especially the market place of Bible days where they were selling a wide variety of critters for sacrifices and the stable where Jesus was found, which looked and smelled like a barn.
I liked that they didn't end with the stable but went to the cross, the empty tomb and ended with an invitation to meet Jesus.  Each group was given a Bible as they left with a note to pass it on to someone else if you already had your own Bible.

They gave us two since we are so many.  Elisabeth was tickled.  Emma reads Bible with her each morning when they wake up.  She said now they could match for their Bible study.
We all agreed we would like this to be part of our annual Christmas celebration and one we would like to invite others to.

Saturday evening Allen and I were attending a Christmas party.  The girls were giving Allen advice on the stylish way to dress for such things these days.  
I often wonder, how did we make it this far in life without teenagers?
Allen added the hat for our hostess who teasingly suggested he come in a Santa suit.  He looks kinda cute, don't you think?

Still feeling pretty lousy, Sunday we managed through our second to last Cantata practice.  Neither of us are actors so this is quite a stretch for us to begin with.  Even though, I had all my lines down, I managed to blow just about all of them last night.  You know you are pathetic when a five year old is reminding you of your lines.  We have it all figured out, though.  We have to be just good enough to not embarrass ourselves, and yet bad enough that they won't ask us again.

Just teasing, our annual Cantata and Christmas dinner is such a fun and festive event, we look forward to it all year and are blessed by those who give of their talents and time to make it happen.


  1. You guys are beautiful! Your family blesses me each time I stop by. Yes, how did we survive or get dressed before having teens or young adult children?

    Hugs and prayers,

  2. Kat,

    Truly a beautiful way to share in the celebrations of the Christmas season is everything you have so elegantly described here. WOW there is always something to do around your house and it's definitely never dull. Love your picture of you and Allen!

    Thanks for always sharing your life with us!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Hope you all feel completely well, soon. But it looks like you had fun, anyways. :)