November 26, 2011

It's Not Quite Rustic

As much as I love tradition and as much as I love a live Christmas Tree, sadly we have too many allergies to have one in our house.

On Thanksgiving Day, Allen announced he would be going shopping on Black Friday because he thought we should get a new Christmas Tree.  As much as I hate shopping and even more so on Black Friday, what was I to say when he asked me to go along and pick out a tree?

I suggested that if we were going to pick out a tree, we might as well make it a family affair.  So we all piled into the four wheel drive sleigh and headed to... Home Depot.

While Pa perused the selection of LED prelit trees, the rest of us played around checking out decorations.  Samuel thought this Eeyore was so cute, he asked me to take their picture together.
And then  Aunt Dawn decided to see how much Emma really loves her.
And everyone else thought that was so cool, they had to find some funny hats to put on.
And then she decided it is never to early to start scaring Carmella.
As I wandered behind this gang headed to the car, I couldn't help but giggle.  What a sight... Allen, eight kids, 1 microwave, an ash can, a million outdoor lights, ten poinsettias and a Christmas tree.
We found another use for the vacation trailer.
It's almost the same as hiking out into the woods and cutting one down but instead we get to eat lunch while the men do the work.
Does this look like complete chaos?  Well, it is.  We have so many ornaments it is always a complete disaster when we decorate the tree.
Yet somehow, we manage to get it all up.
How many Wachters does it take to put the angel on top?  Three.  Pa to lift the little girlie.  Elisabeth to hold the angel and Mama to hold the tree.
Ah, sweet success.

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