November 14, 2011

Ten Signs You May Have Been At Disney World Too Long

One day, after Allen and I took many trips through the Finding Nemo ride with Elisabeth and Carmella, I caught him singing the big blue world song at the end.  It got me to thinking that maybe we stayed in Disney World a little bit too long.  On the ride home we started talking about things that might point to this hypothesis.

10.  The kids are asking if there is a fast pass line for holding Winnie.

9.  You turn on the camera and get a message that says, "I'm on vacation."

8.  You start directing other guests to the nearest restroom.

7.  You recognize the cast members.

6.  The kids think the hamburger condiments are salad.

5.  Canned green beans also count as a vegetable.

4.  You pay $6.89 for a hot dog and think you got a good deal.

3.  You wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself to, "Have a magical day."

2.  You have to look at your parking pass to know the date.

1.  While the kids are getting in the car you tell them to load from the left and exit to the driver's right.  Then proceed through a list of safety instructions which include keep your hands in the vehicle at all times and for the safety of our cast members and enjoyment of other guests there is absolutely no flash photography permitted on this ride.

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