January 12, 2012


The answer to life, the universe and everything=42

Which happens to be how old their Pa is today.  And being real fans of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, our girls were not going to let this birthday pass without making as much of a fuss out of it as possible.

If you haven't read the books, listen to the BBC radio drama or watched the movie, this post will make no sense to you at all.  But for those who are fans, keep reading.

Attire for the day included bathrobes.
 The dining room was reinvented by our birthday crew
 The theme for the day is Don't Panic
 The Heart of Gold
 The windows were covered with blue foil with stars cut out so everyone would feel like we were moving through space.
 And napkin rings with witty sayings like, "So long and thanks for all the fish."  "Oh no, not again!" and  "I'm so depressed"
 Of course, no one left their towel behind.
 And you know there had to be dolphins
 Seven times six is forty-two
 Tonight we will feast on red velvet cake, filled with dark chocolate and my mother-in-laws super amazing icing. (Which, incidentally, is really the only thing I like about red velvet cake.)
And Pan Garlactic Gargle Blaster to drink  (lemonade)
 The boys dressed up like space creatures
 Sam had the coolest tin foil head... can you see his ears sticking out?
 So Ellie said she was going to dress up as Mrs. Space.  No one can outdo her in the dress up department, after all.
 And Nathaniel was Arthur Dent.

Another amazingly fun birthday celebration in Wachter World.  But, of course, no birthday is complete without praises and blessings for the man of the hour.  Happy birthday to the love of my life.

On his forty-second birthday we'd like to share with you a few thoughts about the man we call hubby, friend and Pa.

My hubby hates his birthday even more than I hate mine.  But I am grateful for this day to honor someone whose impact on my life is second only to the Lord Jesus.  He has been an amazing friend since the day we met when I was 16 years old.  I am so blessed to call him my husband and the father to my children.  He roots me and constantly reminds me of where I need to focus... even if I don't always like hearing it.  My Allen is the hardest and most dedicated worker I know.  He is talented at so many things and has the ability to master anything he sets his mind to.  I think I speak for the world at large when I say we are all richer because on January 11th 1970 our Lord decided he would be born into this world.

Kaitlin is grateful that he is a man of wisdom and godliness and a standard for what men should be.

Brianna appreciates the way he is always willing to give or help out.

Emma notes his diligence and hard work to provide for his families needs and the desires of our hearts.

Than thanks his father for being a good teacher.

Aedan appreciates Pa's help when he needs it.

Samuel praises his constant cheerfulness.

As for the little girls, they adore their Pa and we all pray for the Lord to send men just like him to become their husbands one day.

Many happy returns of the day!


  1. Very nice! I actually remember watching the old BBC serial on PBS when I was a kid.