January 4, 2012

Easy Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

Well, it is that time of year again when I try to clean up the freezer and use up all the odd bits of stuff floating around.  Allen wants to replace our upright freezer shortly so I have extra incentive to get the job done.  Each morning the chores start with chippng something out of the ice in there and figuring out how I can use it to make a meal with what I have on hand.   This annual challenge is great on the grocery budget, too.  This week we have had Cavatille, Vegetable Beef Stew, Hashbrown Casserole with fried eggs and tonight's dinner was the easiest broccoli and cheddar soup I have ever made.

Actually, I didn't even make it.  Allen offered to cook so I could finish the reader mail post I was working on. So, I perched at the counter and talked him through it.  Now that is easy.  All he did was this. 

1.  Put frozen broccoli in microwave and cook til hot.  We used 4 quarts for our family.
2.  While broccoli cooked he put 4 cans cream of mushroom soup in a soup pot.  Then stirred in 6 cups milk.   That cooked on medium heat, covered, while he prepared a loaf of bread Emma had baked earlier in the day and set the table.
3.  When the broccoli was hot it was added to the soup and stirred well.  Some nice sized handfuls of grated cheddar were stirred in and the heat turned off.  The lid went back on so the cheese could melt while the kids gathered at the table. 

We passed croutons and bacon crumbles for garnish.

It was a quick, easy, warm and satisfying meal for a busy and cold winter day.

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