January 15, 2012

In The Mail

Dear Aunt Dawn,

What excitement your package caused today.  And just in time for lunch, too.  The boys oohed and ahhed as I pulled the Disney Cars and the Bible Animal books out of the box.  I can bet you know who tried every chap stick when we got to the bottom of the box.  Don't worry.  After she sampled each one, she passed them around the table for everyone else to try.  The girls all thought the watch was beautiful and have decided to share it.  Of course, you must have known that we were in need of more pot holders.  ☺ The candles are quite a timely gift since the birthday season is upon Wachter World.

Allen's card and shirt were the best by far.  You are so clever, my friend.  What a great laugh and a sweet reminder of our time at the beach.
Emma was crazy for her new penguin hat.
And what boy would not love the set of Cars?  It made all three of ours squeal with delight.
Winnie loved her new hat, too!
And undoubtedly, Elisabeth loved the pink dress.  She started changing right there at the table.  The ribbon detail at the neckline was delightful.
 Oh, and she loved her new hat, too!
Thanks for thinking of us and the Happy Birthday remembrances.  (That's a lot of band aids... even for us!)  Wish you were here.  We are counting down the days until we will be able to see you again.


Kat and the gang

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