January 1, 2012

In the News

Wow!  How can it be 2012 already?  It seems like just yesterday we were kids sitting around talking about what it would be like in the new millennium and here I sit the year 2000 has come and gone by 12 years!

We were going to be so much more advanced in technology.  We were going to know so much more.  We were going to be so much better off.  Yet, as we kick off 2012 I have to shake my head at a few headlines which make it clear we aren't really making any progress in the intelligence realm of things.

Did you know that as of January 1st, it is now illegal to import 100 watt light bulbs?  Not kidding here, folks.  With all the life changing events our government should be focusing on, we are spending tax dollars and congressional time regulating the use of LIGHT BULBS!  We know good hard working men who have been unemployed or underemployed for YEARS as they struggle to provide for their families in this failing economy and our government has nothing better to spend their time on than light bulbs?  Really?????

Did you know it is now legal to eat horse?  Don't get me wrong.  I have no desire to eat a horse.  But once again, one does wonder why this issue has taken on so much emotion.  A horse is an animal.  God gave animals for man's pleasure and yes, even to eat.  Should you choose not to consume meat, good for you.  But, on the other hand, if someone desires to, who are we to argue?  I don't think you should go off and eat someone's pet.  But really folks.  The argument against eating horse meat was based primarily on how regal horses are.  Whose to say a horse is any more special or regal than a cow?  In fact, in some religions cows are considered sacred.  Should we then lock up the cattle ranchers?  In other countries horse meat has long since been in the butcher's case and in other countries dog meat is a staple.  (Just for the record, I do not want to eat dog meat, either.)

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. Just in case you missed it, I will say it again.  How can we, as a society, spend so much time fighting for legislation that makes it legal to kill babies while putting just as much energy into legislation to protect animals?

This just seems to be one more bit of evidence that Charles Darwin seemed to miss the mark.  How can anyone expect us to believe this is a society ever evolving into something better than where we started out?  In case you've forgotten that was a nation whose government was started on Biblical principles that valued human life above all else and a nation who understood that where we put our resources is where our heart is also.
 Luke 12:34  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
That was a nation started by Christians on the basis of religious freedom.  However, today it seems everyone has religious freedom except Christians.  Just the other day a friend was sharing how his daughters have both been sent out of preschool because the teachers heard them talking about Jesus.  If she had mentioned the name Allah and the teacher took her from the class room, it would have been called discrimination and the school would have had a lawsuit on their hands.  But mention the name of Christ and it is offensive to the other five year old children.  Come on folks!  We are taking things too far.  

Is it any wonder we are reduced to a nation that relies on drugs, alcohol and antidepressants to make it through the day?  Is it any wonder that our families are falling apart?  Is it any wonder kids are carrying guns?  Is it any wonder our jails are bursting at the seams but crime is still on the rise?

Look where our priorities as a nation rest, protecting animals, regulating light bulbs and keeping a child from speaking the name of her God.  We put our treasure there, and our children have followed likewise with their hearts.
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


  1. I completely agree. What a ridiculous waste of time on such silly legislative acts. What angers me even more is that as an American I am often considered ridiculous when I voice my beliefs against allowing homosexual marriage or that I am pro-life, however, I feel as though each day my ability to express my faith and the values associated with it are limited more and more.

    Watching the news this morning with the primaries beginning in Iowa made me even more nervous. It is my fervent prayer that 2012 will be a year where God places a man in leadership who can have a positive influence on the downward spiral I often feel our country is headed in...and that in addition Christians across our nation stand firm in their faith and what is truly important - letting our light shine to all those around us!!

  2. This was a good post and so true, I wonder whats wrong with these leaders today.but prolly don't want to know,we don't seem to have any real values anymore sad !
    Blessings Jane