January 17, 2012

Is Martha In The House?

We have a nickname for Brianna. Oh, I know that really surprises you, eh?  If you don't understand what is so funny about that, click over to this post to read about how a nick name is born.

Every once in a while, like once a week or so, Brianna gets a look in her eye.  And we always know what that look means.  We will be doing something tedious, that will take way longer than she tells us and it will cost a lot of money.  That's when we know Martha is in the house.

This look of hers appeared about the same time we gave her a subscription to Martha Stewart Living for Christmas last year. I thought it was an odd publication for a fifteen year old to adore, but we are not complaining. There is always something special in the works around here, now that she reads Martha each month. We've had a brunch where the centerpiece was brie with caramel sauce (made from scratch not the jarred business), Italian ice, delightful baked goods, gourmet dinners and a plethora of neat home grown projects to make life a little sweeter for everyone.

For Mother's Day she pulled out all the stops. A movie night, complete with ticket stubs, pop corn with 3 kinds of topping, Italian sodas, tissue paper flowers and Swedish fish, my all time favorite movie candy.  For my aching pregnant feet, a rose petal and milk soak.

Then there was the Father's Day Grill Table Project.

Let us not forget the Thanksgiving place card turkeys that took all night to put together.

And for Christmas there was an entire week spent making gourmet bark and special packaging to wrap it in for our friends and neighbors.  Oh and the truffles, 400 in all.

And you've seen some of her recent birthday parties perhaps?  Okay, I know I have yet to post the amazing Rapunzel party she did for Elisabeth in December, but it will get up there eventually!  But you did see Nathaniel's and Allen's most recent birthdays right?

And so, you surely understand, why we call Brianna Martha Stewart.

Now, while I must admit many of her ideas are nifty, I do have a problem with someone who, by their very existence, gives the rest of us a complex about our lack of creativity and inability to be perfect.  Especially, in light of our smaller income. Not to mention, it just seems wrong for someone to own a house in every state and to have stables nicer than most of our homes.  But that is just my own little Martha Stewart pet peeve.

We are Wachters and as such we support each other in what excites them.  It may be rooting for someone else's football team.  It may be playing a game that bores us to tears.  Or it may mean spending a whole week printing, cutting and folding little boxes for fancy bark.  Whatever the case, because we are family, we all inevitably become part of what everyone else is doing.

In addition to expensive and time consuming, we can pretty much guarantee, if Martha is in the house, whatever we get drafted into will be very messy.  When she cooks, one would swear there was a man in the house.  Every pot, pan, bowl and spoon in the kitchen will be dirty.  And if you don't watch, she will move on to the next project and completely forget about the disaster.  Before you know it, it's time to make dinner and you can't find the counter tops.

So, when I gave in to the idea of a party for my upcoming birthday, I had no doubt it would be special.  I mean, really.  Before I even agreed to it, Brianna and Kaitlin had already spent an entire afternoon researching ideas for invitations.

Now, I didn't go to kindergarten.  And, as I always tell my kids, that's why I can't paste or cut straight.  Really, I lack any sort of creativity when it comes to that sort of stuff.  I can follow directions and come up with something reasonable, but I am definitely not the object of perfection when it comes to such things.  Give me a sewing machine or put me in the kitchen and it is a whole different ball game.  But, when you are talking invitations, I order them.

But not Martha and her cohorts.  
They designed the sweetest shabby-chic invites one could imagine.  
Martha set out to find just the right paper for just the best price.  (Which, by the way, never seems like such a good price.)
And searched etsy stores for just the right twine.  
Yeah, I am not kidding.
Do you see what I am up against?
Who researches twine?
And what's worse?
By the time she was done, I was excited about this home dyed and home spun pink confection that we used to call STRING!
I am definitely way out of my league, folks.
So we set aside the weekend to cut, paste and tie seventy invitations.
I got nothing done all day Saturday.   And by the time I quit to go to bed around 11 Saturday night, we had exactly 1.  You read that right.  ONE!
But, gee, aren't they sweet?

Can you guess what we did for Art today?  20 glue sticks and 8 lattes later, it is done.  Truly, when we got in the groove with all of us ladies working, it only took about 2 hours to do the remaining forty or so.  Because, after all, we are team Wachter.  

And I even think it might have been fun.  ☺  


  1. I LOVE crafting and creating stuff! Looks like a lot of fun! :D


  2. I am not into crafts ,however my 10 year old,oh my goodness,that girl is something else.those tedious projects that I would run away from in a nightmare,she most certainly delights in.who she gets this from,not I .

  3. Crafting is definitely my thing - I can totally see researching twine! :)

    Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous! Did "Martha" do the top of the invite's design on the computer, or was that another research project? :)


    1. She did design the top sheet. You know how she is! Nothing would have been right so she had to design it herself.



  4. Wow, the invitations are beautiful!

  5. Urgent prayer request at Arise 2 Write and All Gods Creatures. Thanks ahead of time for storming the heavens with me. What would I do without such awesome praying friends....I do not know.


  6. I know. I love to tease her, but the fact is, I count myself blessed to have daughters who are so talented and love to use those talents to make every day special in some small way for their family and those around us.