January 21, 2012


Instead of the post I was going to put up today,  I would like to redirect you to Julianne's blog at Between the Lines.  Julianne is a talented writer who loves the Lord and shares His word and her heart with poetic beauty.  Today my friend shares a message that everyone needs to hear.  I particularly hope that all those young women who read my blog will take time to read this.  But don't stop there.  Her message will serve every one who reads it and takes it to heart.



And if you would like more reading on this topic... after I published this post, I popped over to my dashboard and read this post at Lynette's blog, Dancing Again.  It fit so well with the message Julianne was trying to share, I was flabbergasted.  It is hard to believe these two ladies didn't plan it.  I don't think they have ever met.  In fact, I don't even think they read each other's blogs.  But there you have it.  When the Lord speaks, He wants to be heard.

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