January 25, 2012

You've Got to Do Better Than That!

Rowenta Inc.
2199 Eden Rd
Millville, NJ 08332

To Whom It May Concern:

In January of 2010 we purchased a Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron and Steamer from Amazon.com. Knowing Rowenta’s outstanding reputation for quality, we did not think twice about spending $159.00 for it. This was a replacement for my Rowenta traditional iron, which had seen me through ten years of service.  We chose this particular model because it was the top pick of Consumer Reports.  When it arrived a few days latter we were very impressed by both the efficiency and quality performance.  The time spent ironing for our family of nine was reduced dramatically by this new appliance.

We started experiencing issues with the steam chamber a few months later. As it was still under a one year warranty, we contacted your customer service unit; who, after many calls back and forth, agreed to send it to an authorized Rowenta repair center.  Four months later, we still had not received the iron back.  We contacted the company who was doing the repairs. They informed us they were still waiting on parts and it would be two more weeks until it was repaired.  We received it two months later.  

It was still not working properly.  Not wanting to go through the long repair process again and be without it for an unknown amount of months, we opted to just use it as it was.  

Last week the lid of the steam chamber blew off while it was in use. This is an obvious breach of safety as it could have very easily hit and injured the user, who happened to be my twelve year old daughter.  If the flying lid was not dangerous enough, there is the concern of burns that could have been caused by the release of the pressurized steam. Thinking we had not done a sufficient job placing the cap on, we took special care putting it on a second time. The same thing happened again, leading us to believe it is a manufacturer’s error. 

We contacted the customer service line again, who informed us that product was out of warranty and we were out of luck.  (Note it had spent six months in the repair center and yet no exception was made to the warranty time period.)  

We debated whether to purchase a standard iron to replace it.  However, because it did such a good job, when it was working, and was still the top pick of Consumer Reports, we decided to invest in another Rowenta Steam Generating Iron.  At Amazon.com I spent another $159.  

One month later, water started running out of the steam chamber.  I called the customer service line again and was informed that your company is aware of the defect in this product.  And if I send it to the authorized repair center it will be fixed and sent back to me.  I have several reservations to this response.  #1 I do not want to be without the iron for another six months.  #2 The authorized repair center doesn't seem to know how to fix the problem.  #3  For more than $300, I don't think I should have one that is "repaired"  I think a brand new item or a refund would be a more adequate response.  #4 I am highly disturbed that a name seamstresses have come to trust should continue to sell an item that you KNOW is defective and could be a danger to the user.  I could get that kind of cheap junk out of China for much less.

Come on, you have got to do better than that!

Kathleen Wachter

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  1. Wow. Makes one wonder if the "reviews" were authentic.